White Paper

Transforming CRM for Insurance with Dynamic 365

As carriers strive to adopt the ability to maintain sustainable customer relationships by putting their customers at the center of their business strategies, it still does not ensure 100% success.

Only the insurers who are willing to let their customers take the driver’s seat by delivering personalized customer experiences will steer through this customer-driven economy successfully.

According to a study, “every dollar spent on CRM implementation returns as much as $8.71 in ROI on overall sales revenue.” Therefore, every insurer should put in the required effort in choosing the right CRM solution.

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    The white paper covers the listed topics:

      • Harsh realities of insurance and CRM challenges in the industry
        For prospect management
        For policyholder management
        For producer management
      • An introduction to Dynamics 365 CRM in insurance

    Capabilities of Dynamics 365 CRM
    360-degree customer view
    Customer service
    Data privacy regulations with GDPR
    Benefits of Dynamics 365 CRM in insurance
    Strengthened relationships with policyholders
    Optimized operational efficiency
    Increased revenue

    • Next 10 years of CRM innovation continues to be customer-centric

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