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Digital transformation in retail industry

To make sure the retailers survive in these challenging times; the initiatives outlined in this white paper need to be benchmarked using AI/ML
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    Retail Digital Transformation – Whitepaper

    The retail industry, like most other customer facing industries, was severely impacted by the pandemic. Thus, retailers adopted digital practices at an accelerated pace.

    What are the technologies in demand and how are top retailers making the most of automation?

    This white paper dissects the wave of digital transformation revolutionized by AI/ML for retail, with practical insights and case studies on how to leverage digital agility for retail success in the coming year.

    The white paper explores the following topics:

    1. Retail Landscape & The New Normal
      • Customer engagement and personalization
      • Everything Digital
      • Cloud Retail
      • Omnichannel and frictionless experiences
      • Increased focus on social, environmental and equality issues
      • Influencer marketing and social media
      • Small and Medium retailers boost omnichannel capability
    1. How Retail Leaders are adopting AI/ML today
      • Demand forecasting and pricing
      • Customized product search
      • Omni-channel customer engagement
      • Location based intelligence
      • AI/ML for staff-less operations
      • AI/ML for Fraud detection
    1. The Digital Opportunities Ahead

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