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Data science modern-day applications

To understand the pivotal role of data science in modernization, various practices, use cases and technology trends are assessed to produce industry relevant insights.

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    Applications of Data Science

    Data science and AI are spreading their footprints to revamp business functions today.

    Retail and CPG are some of the industries evolving rapidly alongside Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) industries in the race to modernization, automation and agility.

    Due to the global pandemic, major industries have undergone a significant shift, some are evolving, and some industries are experiencing threats from all directions. How do you stay competitive?

    The solution is to leverage data science and AI for improved operational control and growth discovery, as outlined in this white paper.

    The white paper explores the following topics:

    1. Strategic Role of Data Science

    “Industries have immense potential to make a sustainable ecosystem and digitalization comes here for rescue.”

    1. COVID-19: Impact and Solutions
      • Retail & CPG Industry: Use Cases
      • Customized product search
      • Omni-channel customer engagement
      • Location based intelligence
      • AI/ML for staff-less operations
      • AI/ML for Fraud detection
    1. Unlocking Growth with Data Analytics and AI
      • Customer Experience/Services
      • Inventory Management
      • Supply Chain Management
      • Sales and Marketing
    1. Banking, Finance and Insurance Sector
      • Lifetime Value Prediction and Price Optimization
      • Next Best Offer for Next-Gen Customers
      • Fraud Detection
      • Back Office Operational Efficiency
      • Underwriting and Credit Scoring
      • Algorithmic Trading
    1. Potential Opportunities to Improve AI/ML Maturity

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