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Navigating generative AI solutions with LLM application

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Assist your customers with unmatched LLM capabilities

Unleash the limitless potential of our custom-built LLM application with the power of generative AI solutions, from model architecture design to training selected language model performance, we got you all covered. At Tezo, we are dedicated to building sophisticated AI models using open source LLM. Our wide range of custom solutions offers virtual assistance, 24x7 chatbot services, sentiment analysis and speech recognition systems tailored to enable seamless automation and user workflow development.

Did you know? Top leaders across the IT, insurance and healthcare industries observed an 85% boost in data privacy and security measures with generative AI solutions. Be the first ones to adopt pioneering LLM app development and fuel your organizational growth to:.

Increase Productivity

Reduce labor cost and time

Deliver intuitive end-user experience

Chatbots and virtual assistance

Your go-to virtual chatbot assistance

Unveil interactions for customer service, sales, and marketing in no time.


Accelerating LLM-powered chatbots improving customer experience by 75% 

Give your customers 24/7 accessibility with our new-age conversational chatbot powered with LLM excellence. Our custom-built chatbot assistance is fine-tuned using open source LLM as the backend, redefining personalized interaction and combining state-of-the-art techniques such as natural language understanding and contextual awareness. Through effortless fine-tuning of model parameters, virtual assistance excels in domains highlighting e-commerce, healthcare, legal, finance and more. Join us to gain instant customer connections and instill faster response time.

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Summarizing and Querying Documents

Decode complexity with clarity 

Effortless summary documentation for business users, researchers and beyond.

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Text generation and summarization slashing time and cost by 70% 

Empower your business with data-driven insights to easily access relevant data information within the documents. Our model development and specialized LLM training process deliver extensive document summarization. Onboard generative AI solutions and simplify complex data into concise summaries while maintaining logical coherence, saving time, and enabling customized domains. Reinforce quick query resolution using open source LLM and get hands-free support in understanding natural language, interpreting context, and providing real-time data.

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Database Analyzer

Bridge database analyzer with LLM prowess

Hassle-free data precision for business analytics, data scientists and more.


Versatile LLM automates complex tasks by 40%, elevating productivity and efficiency

Now you can enable inferences to relevant questions for non-tech users in a single go without data analysts’ expertise. With integrated open source LLM, users can enter prompt queries that convert into actionable insights using natural language, query results and summarized data. These models bridge the gap by detecting anomalies, query errors and understanding database schemas that offer a natural language interface for users with unparalleled ease.

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Generating Content

Ideas taking shape with LLM-Infused content

Inspire Campaigns, Fuel Creativity for RFP teams, and professionals in one-go.

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Future-ready innovative LLM model increasing content curation by 65% 

Unlock new possibilities of creativity while safeguarding data integrity. Our personalized language models are designed to generate a wide range of content while upholding a sense of data privacy and security. Our generative AI solutions offer alerts and task notifications such as product descriptions, content summarization, translation, and craft multimedia script creation. Harness the power of open source LLM featuring data confidentiality that remains within controlled environments.

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