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Streamline your insurance data with timely delivery

Simplified workflow engine crafted by leading policy administration services to mitigate data vulnerability and achieve agile business practices.

Policy processing and underwriting

Future-proof your business

Consolidate policy processing for optimal efficiency in one go. With our curated platform, insurers can increase business agility and underwriting process in a fraction. Our best-in-class policy administration system caters to determine client details, drive lead sanitization, policy issuance, underwriting, renewals, and claims coverage throughout the risk lifecycle using a coherent online interface.

Billing and collections

Configure billing automation

Supercharge your manual billing process to improve your user interface and insurer efficiency using policy administration services. Get advanced billing and accounts functionality to manage the entire document generation and payment of a policy lifecycle. Our platform efficiently automates your insurance workflows for processing renewal notices, invoices, and billing details.

Policyholder services (PHS)

All-round policy services

Empower policyholders with self-service capabilities, from quotes to renewals, to meet insurance goals and perform advanced policy analysis. With our versatile policy administration system, go paperless by calculating premium policy coverage, e-delivery, enroll autopay and review declarations. Our responsive portal reduces process time to drive operational efficiency.

Claims management

Support end-to-end claims process

Comprehensive claims management streamlines claim reserve, issues payments and validates coverage incurred with automation ability to settle claims efficiently. For hassle-free digital transformation, policy administration services offer insurers with pre-populated data, claim status updates, e-form delivery, claim notifications to enrich customer interactions while lowering claims process cycle.

Accelerate policy admin lifecycle to support insurance ecosystem

Equip insurers with a digital workflow that accurately attributes to build a policy lifecycle – from inventory procedures, sales commissions, renewals, underwriting, and review quotes for a holistic omnichannel customer experience. Say goodbye to manual paperwork and welcome to the new era of automation that helps retrieve the latest policy documentation, e-forms automation for coverage limits and data visualization integration in minutes. Quit bouncing back and forth between multiple sales workflows. With our versatile policy administration system, get a 365-degree customer view with automated Single Sign-On (SSO), and CRM solutions with no-code integration.

Agile pre-built internal and external integration with ease

Tedious manual workflow takes time to generate policy reports and may not offer the perks of a well-integrated automation system that can accomplish tasks within a fraction of time. An on-demand policy administration services can streamline labor-intensive tasks with ease by policy issuance, quote requests, reporting invoices and certificates with guaranteed reliability and security. Deliver an extensive list of unique features that offers customers and agents the power to access endorsement quotes, underwriting navigation, customized reports, policy data management and billing systems. With our pre-built policy administration system, you can easily configure optimal workflow with service integrity.

Develop cost accuracy and returns to drive cutting-edge innovation

Accelerating speed with slashing operational costs maximizes IT resources and drives through improved product development and innovation. By deploying our fully configurable policy administration system, you can rapidly support multichannel distribution, improve premium analysis, and reduce overheads. With embedded analytics, you can make device-driven decisions based on real-time data. Integrating cost accuracy in policy administration services offer insurers with key performance indicators, standardized reporting and manages user-friendly ad-hoc reporting for achieving agility and business retention.

State of the art self-service portal integrated with PAS

Consolidating data policies can consume a significant amount of time and effort. Now you can eliminate prolonged manual process with an effortless method. By enabling an intelligent policy administration system, insurers can instantly access, retrieve and store customer data, claim submission and pull reports using an intuitive self-service portal. Get ready to deliver a customized data-driven communication with our cloud-hosted policy administration services. Experience our top-notch policy admin solution to qualify policy summaries and enquire coverage information through data integration specifically curated for advisors, agents, plan administrators, participants, and customers from a single interface.

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Fuel data insights with reporting and analytics

Analyze your progress effectively and gain customer-based reports from a centralized dashboard. With our fully connected policy administration system, you can easily extract, access, and monitor data vision and reporting from any insurance department. Integrate your existing business with data-driven automation that helps insurers track and assess policy information, maintain data integrity, modify data warehousing and data visualization to promote efficiency and customer delight using our dynamic policy administration services.

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