CRM for Insurance

Enhance Your Unified Customer Experience with a Powerful Insurance CRM System

Revive your lost leads

Data-driven insights for unified customer experience

Customers, today, expect differentiated service. Meet their expectations with an advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Insurance system that accommodates a unified experience system superior customer engagement process.

Single platform to manage
sales & servicing

Get centralized access to diverse data for refined customer operations. Set custom workflows while generating useful reports.

Track all your prospects, leads, and customers

Improve potential client tracking using advanced lead management. Create predefined steps to progress further across the sales process.

Reimagining customer service with omnichannel experience

Interconnect all your communication channels for an all-pervasive customer experience. Engage your potential customers and policyholders in the most efficient and consistent manner.

Integrate sales, marketing and operations for customized services

Identify sales opportunities, record customer service issues, and manage marketing campaigns with a consolidated view of varied data.

CRM for insurance companies that understands your customer's journey

Having access to divergent perspective on your customer’s journey enable you to build strong relationships. Connect with your agents and customers differently in order to leverage an insurance CRM system to its fullest.

Implement your CRM seamlessly

You need not worry if your system would support our CRM. Being an adaptable solution, the unify CRM handles the end-to-end implementation, regardless of the platform, to serve your business needs with excellence.

Microsoft Azure consulting services

Salesforce insurance CRM can improve your policy lifecycle management by enhancing your policyholder engagements with personalized service. The CRM solution gives reps, agents, and customers the right information, wherever they need it.

Azure cloud migration services

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, insurers get a customized and flexible CRM solution. It offers accelerated time to value, actionable insights, reduced customer churn, and more. The platform is also POPI and GDPR compliant, bringing in the desired security and governance.

Azure managed services provider

Tezo, develops, and creates tailored CRM solutions. With immense unified customer experience in CRM applications and software development, Tezo is delivering Unified Customer Experience offers agile and enterprise-ready solutions to enhance policyholder experience.

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