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Amplify your insurance customer journey with our all-inclusive CDP solution

Step into the future of insurance with Customer Data Platforms (CDPs). Since CDP first came into existence in 2013, CDP solutions have been at the forefront of technological evolution, adapting swiftly to the customer’s evolving behavior and ever-changing market landscape. Various industries, notably Insurance, have greatly prospered in enhancing customer touchpoints through CDP, achieving their optimization goals.

Tezo’s CDP for insurance is your go-to solution to make informed decisions, streamline operations and deliver a unified insurance customer journey. From initial quotes to final claims data, we seamlessly integrate and orchestrate 360° intelligence on your customers. CDP brings in a transformative approach to data profiling and segmentation to drive repeat business.

Did you know ?

The global CDP for insurance market is expected to grow at a CAPR of 32.4% by 2027 to deliver more personalized insurance customer journey. Interestingly, a McKinsey survey observed insurance companies are 3x times more likely to excel in profitability and customer engagement. Join us to harness the power of CDP for insurance and reshape the future with data-driven practices.

Your one-stop solution to build unified
customer database

Tezo's Cutting-Edge Customer Data Platform (CDP) for insurance companies empowers them to collect, unify, enrich, and activate customer data for actionable insights.

Gain a Unified View of Your Customers 

Consolidate Data Ingestion

Break down data silos and gain a unified view of your customers with our silo-busting CDP for insurance. Access historical and accurate data to streamline segmentation, risk profiling, personalization, and policy renewals.

Unified 360° Customer Profile

Get a holistic understanding of your insurance customer journey with a single, unified profile that consolidates data across all touchpoints, including online interactions, policy details, and claims history.

Deliver Personalized Experiences at Scale 

No-Code Segmentation and Profiling

Empower your teams to create precise customer segments without coding expertise. Tailor-build and target your insurance prospects based on demographics, location, behavior, risk and more. 

Omni-channel Personalization

Supercharge your insurance customer journey using hyper-personalized campaigns. Boost sales, enhance engagement, and deliver tailored policy renewal campaigns. 

Optimise Your Insurance Operations 

Customer Journey Orchestration

Optimize lead communication and ensure hyper-personalized engagement across multiple channels. Reclaim wasted marketing resources and drive better conversions with our efficient single cross-channel platform.

Optimise Data Reporting and Analytics

Uncover valuable insights with our top-notch CDP analytics. Delve into customer preferences, identify potential churn risks, and enhance your offerings to drive customer satisfaction and policy renewals.

Activate ML and Predictive Models

Provide 24/7 accessibility with our next-gen machine learning and predictive insights. Craft personalized push notifications, predict customer behavior, and make proactive decisions based on audience predictions, trends, and behavioral analysis.

Tezo's CDP: A Proven Catalyst for Insurance Success   

Experience the Tezo Difference 

  • Easy-to-Set-Up and Customise

    Our intuitive CDP for insurance companies is user-friendly, enabling you to swiftly implement and customize the platform to align with your specific business need

  • Real-Time Data Access:

    Make informed decisions in real-time with immediate access to up-to-date customer data. Respond to customer inquiries promptly, address potential churn risks proactively, and optimize marketing campaigns on the fly.

  • Customer Journey Tracking:

    Map your customers' interactions with your brand across all touchpoints to identify patterns, optimize the customer experience, and drive the rate of conversions.

  • Smart Analytics and Reporting:

    Gain valuable insights from our comprehensive analytics and reporting suite to enhance the insurance customer journey. Uncover customer trends, identify cross-selling and upselling opportunities, and measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Transform Your Insurance Business with Data-Driven Insights  

Tezo's CDP is the key to unlocking the power of your customer data and transforming your insurance business into a data-driven powerhouse. With our customer data platform, you can

Maximize Policyholder Renewals and Claims Process in Real-Time

Versatile CDP Solutions to Streamline your Insurance Game 

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