Reimagining The Insurance Value Chain

Drive your insurance processes with intuitive technologies

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Enabling insurers with intuitive solutions to deliver connected customer experience

Harness the power of technology to transform your insurance business. Adopt conversational AI, predictive analytics, CRM automation, and other advanced solutions to enhance insurance experience for your end consumers while making your business future ready.

Adopt insurance accelerators for your insurance processes

Our innovative solutions empower insurers to make customer journey a seamless and engaging experience by digitalizing and optimizing the entire insurance value chain to derive maximum business value. Streamline, refine, and automate your insurance processes to achieve the greatest returns in the least time.

Monetize your customer data to win by deriving real-time actionable insights. Adopt Tezo’s insurance-focused solutions powered by modern technologies to enable your insurance business make intelligent decisions at the right time.


Improved top-line growth


Gain in overall business value


Increased customer lifetime value

How Tezo is transforming the
insurance industry

Drive your business with modern-day solutions to create new opportunities across the insurance value chain and become a future-ready insurer.

How Technovert is transforming the insurance industry
  • Operationalize in-force management
    Leverage in-force customers and policies to enhance customer benefits, improve returns for shareholders, and strengthen strategic positioning as insurer.
  • Increase underwriting efficiencies
    From pre-underwriting to underwriting, optimize the entire process to increase the closing ratio.
  • Policy recommendations at the point of sale
    Integrate embedded insurance by utilizing data and consumer behavior analysis to offer personalized and customized insurance policies and products.
  • Grow upsell and cross-sell revenues
    Meet your client's insurance needs by taking up the right upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

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