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The post-pandemic era has disrupted the retail industry profoundly with a significant change in customer values, behavior, and priorities. To uphold business performance profitability and provide contextualized products and retail IT services - Global Retailers are compelled to deal with amassed business complexities.

Consumers are returning to offline stores for a seamless shopping experience. Innovations such as VR, hands-on services, and in-store app capabilities are augmenting the current set-up and redefining unified customer engagement.

Deploying a wide range of
Retail formats

Value-driven customers have transformed the way of industry leaders in retail IT services. Digital disruption shapes the technology landscape, from brick and mortar to omnichannel, intending to achieve sustainable growth in an increasingly competitive environment.



Customer consumables are collectively known for fast-moving consumer goods and grocery stores represent a clientele or easy access to daily miscellaneous products. Growth factors such as convenience, value offerings, and next-gen point of sale (PoS) systems are available in wider varieties at online stores enabling grocery retailers to achieve great prominence. Thus, digital transformation in retail industry has led to driving new business adoption, and amplifying transportation and delivery are levers to advancing performance and growth.

Departmental Store

Departmental Store

Departmental stores handle individual specialization of merchandise with different business units, deals and other retail IT services. The purpose is to offer benefits like same-day home delivery, an online tracking facility, private brand labelling, and brand awareness to meet a seamless shopping experience. These stores account for innovative pricing strategies, sales promotion, market expansion, strategic partnerships, mergers, and gain customer acquisition.

Speciality Stores

Speciality Stores

Retailers cater for a deep assortment of brands, styles, and various models within a relatively narrow category of specific products and sell a large number of categorized goods. With a one-stop multi-store retailers reshape vastly unorganized and intricated categories by offering value-added services, loyalty programs, sale and discount offers and premium membership to consumers will enhance the personalized shopping experience



Operating variety and excess volume of exclusive merchandise of greater product assortment at low margins to offer better adaption of consumer shopping habits. This one-stop retail store is a combination of departmental and grocery stores providing convenience, reliability, and meeting consumer needs at reasonable prices. Hypermart outlets render proximity to stores, and longer opening hours and deliver a seamless personalized experience.

Convenience Stores

Convenience Stores

The digital transformation in retail industry is designed specifically to keep the convenience of its customers as its core mission. The product mix of such convenience stores provides consumers with suitable nearby locations to quickly consume products offering 24*7 accessibility in retail IT services. Offering additional perks like availability in a busy city and remote areas, parking areas or petrol filling stations, to deliver a top-notch shopping experience, flexible low costs, and impulse sales.

Customer experience &
omnichannel data

An omnichannel customer journey caters to unified solutions enabling retailers to meet on-demand goals for nurturing active brand presence, refining purchase conversion and customer loyalty.

Hassle-free pick and pack home delivery

Click and collect curbside pickup

Tap into omnichannel e-commerce

Get a 360-degree view that
delights your customers

Gain invaluable operational omnipresence by leveraging the umbrella concept of customer 360 that enables global retailers with data and digital technologies to make smarter data-driven business decisions to boost sales and customer service.

Kickstart customer-centric touchpoints for a holistic experience

Kickstart customer-centric touchpoints for a holistic experience

Our experts help qualify system architecture focused on omnichannel enablement offering a wide range of customer data capabilities that allow retailers to get an overview of customer pain points and behaviour to implement customer engagement frameworks.

  • Session Storage Data
  • Customer Demographic Insights
  • Cross-channel Web Behaviours
  • Personalized Social Interactions
  • Map Campaign Touchpoints

Navigating AI to envision the future of Digital Transformation in Retail Industry

Retail IT services are advancing on their digital capabilities to not only maintain higher revenue growth but also tap into newer potential audiences. For a hands-on experience, retailers need to combine stores' systems and operations using advanced technologies.

IoT/Edge computing
IoT/Edge computing

Digital transformation in retail industry has led internet-connected devices streamline customer service to efficiently manage inventory systems, and warehouse management, mitigating latency and security. It helps acquire visibility, which is required to track product movement, and location and estimate delivery time using Bluetooth-enabled beacons.

Configure billing automation

Deploy and manage robotic systems that emulate human actions and support a wide range of activities in retail that includes inventory, supply chain, invoice, contract, and store planning management. RPA initiates alerting administrative tasks that count on customer onboarding, staff selection, payroll, audit of new advances and productivity.

All-round policy services

Technology-enabled retail automation simplifies supply chain management by reducing the risk of human error. Digital transformation in retail industry has made time-intensive processes and payroll management seamless by providing a more diverse set of real-time analytics using automation that will empower data-driven decisions.
"Amazon uses autonomous drones guided by GPS to deliver packages safely and efficiently to customers within 30 minutes".

AI/ML-driven process
AI/ML-driven process

Digital transformation in retail industry is deploying AI to drive promising solutions to the ongoing retail challenges. AL and MI technologies optimize effective solutions like recommender systems, repeat visit drivers, AI-powered chatbots, predictive analytics, NLP, and computer vision to enhance inventory management, distribution, and forecasting.

AI/ML-driven process
Big data

Retailers are striving to create custom recommendations based on their purchase history, personalized shopping experience and customer service. Analyzing massive data for intelligent insights improve retailers' efforts to anticipate product demands, optimize price bandwidth, identify the target audience, and implement product development.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

AR contributes to evolving conventional stores into brand-showroom that accelerate sales, advance customer interactions, and deliver smooth omnichannel experience in retail IT services. VR specializes in delivering new customer experiences by redesigning offline stores and product demonstrations from classic products into a spectacular virtual walk-through experience.

Supply chain as the backbone of the
Retail industry

Retail IT services is a volatile industry, and the swift adoption of technology leads to increasing complexity in supply and demand. Unpredicted delays, govern compliance issues, agitate profit margin, and multi-channel marketing complexities are potential barriers to productivity and profitability. The supply chain offers an array of benefits that reaps potential business performance.

  • The supply chain encompasses decisive distribution and transportation
  • Bridge unforeseen gaps by optimizing inventory and distribution in the market
  • Executes e-commerce demands in terms of speed, complexity, and efficiency

Hyper-Personalization for end-to-end
customer experience

Competitive pressures, evolving consumer behaviors and marketing trends are 3 compelling reasons for retail IT services to develop consumer-centricity. Digital transformation in retail industry recognizes such seizing opportunities, retailers offer various hyper-personalized services that combine customer data and AI to generate real-time insights.

  • Enhancing customer profiling using big data to deliver personalized text and emails.
  • With AI-driven predictive analytics, retailers get a comprehensive view of target audiences.
  • Analyzing customer behavior, and preferences, extracting feedback to implement products and deliver unique personalized experiences and more.

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