AI based testing

Next gen testing

Artificial intelligence is here to bring tremendous change in the software testing landscape. We bring you the best solution to give you a Collaborative development and Continuous testing environment, solving your critical challenges. We have also forged a strategic partnership with one of the industry’s leading AI testing tool provider to help you with the best-in-class AI solution.

Features of our solution

An MVP is the best way to create a new digital product or service or validate your business idea. MVP app development is cost and time effective and works for businesses of any size - from idea stage startups to mature enterprises. Whether you are aiming to build a new service or add a new feature to an existing product, an MVP is the right tool for you.

NLP based test scripts

NLP based test scripts With NLP, any layman can code in plain English. NLP takes care of autonomous test case generation, builds a library and its extensions, hence called codeless automation.

Self-healing scripts

Self-healing scripts You no longer need to revisit old test cases to make changes. It discovers the broken elements and heals them automatically. Thus, zero maintenance.

Visual regression

Visual regression Recognize UI changes, compare screenshots, overlay two snapshots one on top of the other enabling you to swipe between versions. Ease of testing for UI based apps.

Business Rule based testing

Business Rule based testing MVP lets you discover the feasible plan early and you will have a future improvement plan that is centered around the user needs.


Dashboarding Track and share the progress on each test case across the team along with organizational management activities such as planning and design.


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