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Software Testing Services

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Building a product or a solution involves vigorous testing and bug fixing. Many different software testing types evolving every day with different objectives, help enterprises to test the software in all dimensions and stay confident of the success.

Our core software testing capabilities, Testing Center of Excellence, and partnerships enable us to deliver a superior quality product to our customers.

Software testing services we offer

Data & ETL Testing

Test your data & ETL process for integrity, reliability, accuracy and consistency to comply with the company's data framework.

Web / API Test automation

Automate the testing and determine faster if the said Web/API meet your expectations w.r.t the parameters set.

Performance testing

Test and measure the quality attributes of performance and responsiveness such as scalability, reliability, and resource usage.

Security Testing

Test and identify any vulnerabilities of the system. Fix the issues and avoid any loss of valuable information, revenue, & reputation.

Mobile & IOT testing

Assess the ability to interoperate, adherence to protocols, and responsiveness on devices across various platforms.

Exploratory / UX Testing

Understand how user-friendly your software application is. Uncover any usability defects and build a better and efficient interface.

Our automation differentiation

We leverage best practices in Agile testing, continuous integration and test-driven development to enable you to get new digital services to market faster, expand market coverage, and respond more quickly and efficiently to market feedback.

Business driven testing strategies

Our testing solutions are designed to align with your business needs to provide a faster problem resolution while employing the best testing strategy.

Unified testing of web, mobile, and native apps and services

Our AI-driven testing tools allow you to automate end-to-end testing for web, mobile, and native apps and service across the team without any hassle.

Component/data-driven automation, that minimizes maintenance

We’ve developed various test automation components that enable our customers with faster and efficient testing process while minimizing the maintenance costs.

Feedback driven processes that identify user issues sooner

Understand what works for the user by a feedback driven approach. Recognize issues quickly and accelerate the testing process.

Advanced reporting and trend analysis

Our QA’s help you with the advanced reporting & trend analysis to analyze performance over time based on facts and figures to make better and confident decisions.

Proven, reusable frameworks that span UI/API services

We leverage our inhouse and custom-built frameworks that allow testing optimization throughout the delivery process.

CI/CD, Test-driven development, and in-sprint automation

We implement a CI/CD and test-driven approach involving an in-sprint automation component across the testing lifecycle.

Industry leading tools to accelerate your QE efforts

Tezo has extensive, hands-on experience with the leading QE platforms, frameworks and tools. We can help you determine which tools are best for your environment and ensure you take full advantage of all these solutions have to offer so you can maximize your ROI with them.

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