Snowflake Cloud Data Platform

Boost your cloud transformation journey and facilitate insights driven decisions.

One platform for all your data workloads

Snowflake cloud data platform enables enterprises with its wide range of capabilities including data storage, processing, and analytic solutions that are faster and easy to use. Choosing Snowflake enables your business with instant scalability, availability of data and analytics assets across the organization by building data apps and exchanges to share them across multiple departments/stakeholders.

Snowflake Cloud Data Platform

Transform your business with the power of data cloud using TechSnow

Tezo in collaboration with Snowflake enables enterprises to secure data exchange with a strong flexible process for operations ranging from data consumption to monetization.
TechSnow is a one-stop platform to comply with all your data workloads, offering advanced capabilities in managing high volume of data with its intuitive features.

Typical challenges of legacy DWH systems

Poor scalability

Growth in data volumes, number of users and applications led to increased demand for a scalable data warehouse.

Low performance

Slow running queries, process bottlenecks, delays including slow running queries led to slow performance.

No concurrency

With the increasing number of users across the organization, they cannot operate simultaneously.

High maintenance

High maintaince/overhead costs to be made in the form of constant indexing, tuning, and sorting.

Low resilience

Traditional warehouses lack any Data backup/retention and node failure protection abilities.

Lack of infrastructure

Scenarios such as end of month reporting, Intensive load process, etc. are encountered due to lack of infra.

Address your most demanding data challenges

Our partnership with Snowflake allows us to design and implement future proof data warehouses that gift confidence to enterprises like yours for scaling up growth limits and success.

Snowflake Consulting and Advisory
Consulting and Advisory

Get the best from our Snowflake experts

We help businesses like yours with all the approaches, custom implementations required, and advisory with the best practices to adopt. Our in-house Center of Excellence on Snowflake will be additional leverage for you to get the best.

Snowflake Implementation
Snowflake Implementation

Enable speedy & efficient delivery of insights

Experience the transformation in your data capabilities and the results produced by implementing Snowflake for multiple purposes. We've successfully implemented snowflake to build enterprise data lakes, columnar datawarehouse, data science workloads and other data intensive applications through ‘Streams’, ‘Tasks’leveraging ‘Snowpipe’and other third party ETL/ELT tools.

Traditional Data Warehouse
Traditional Data Warehouse to Snowflake Migration

Migrate with ease. From Hadoop, or any on-prem data to Snowflake

Migrating from any legacy database to the cloud has never been such easy. Our expertise along with the unique migration approaches and frameworks enable us to do it much efficiently and seamlessly.

Snowflake workloads

We manage end-to-end deployment & support of Snowflake workloads

Offload your data management and sustainment to us, while you take care of other important work. Our professionals with tailored SLAs defined for you can help with the necessary support in terms of deployment and maintenance along with monitoring to keep the costs in check and tailor the usage.

Our Snowflake’s Implementation approach

Our approach enables you to build end-to-end data warehouse solution right from raw layer to data hub to data warehouse with a comprehensice & advanced analytics environment.

data compression
Source Data

Data (structured or unstructured) from various sources will be loaded via Kafka or Snowpipe streaming feature with automatic data compression.

snowflake data processing
Data Processing

Data is processed in terms of SQL transformation. Also includes ETL or ELT processing and data cataloging.

snowflake Modelling and Deploying
Modelling and Deploying

Multiple actions include search optimization, zero copy cloning, data masking and extern tokenization will be carried out.

snowflake visualization platform
Consumption and Sharing

Processed outcome is integrated with the choice of visualization platform or with the Snowlight UI for dashboards and visualization.

7+ Snowflake Certifications
7+ Snowflake Certifications
3 Successful Snowflake deployments
3 Successful Snowflake deployments & migrations
snowflake Dedicated CoE
Dedicated CoE

Unparalleled benefits of choosing Snowflake

snowflake infrastructure

Reduction in costs (infrastructure + maintenance)

  • Single source for all the data
  • Accelerated analytics for all the users
  • Elastic and cross cloud service
  • Near zero maintenance


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