Modern data analytics

Data modernization is no longer a choice

Take the first step
towards digital transformation

Transformative changes require conducive technology infrastructure. To be competitive, enterprises should be proactive in leveraging the technology and derive the most for business success and sustained growth. Modernizing your data architecture is the first step in your digital transformation journey.

Modern Data analytics platform

Bring all your data to one place and avoid silos

Multiple data sources of different types, in different locations and multiple people managing them result in silos with loss of time and valuable opportunities. To overcome this, businesses need to leverage a comprehensive modernization approach involving the development of a modern data architecture comprising of data lake and columnar datawarehouse to build the ‘Data Warehouse Ecosystem’.

A modern data warehouse helps enterprises to store all their data in one central location in a consolidated and synchronized form for discovery, management, and distribution.

Future proof your data needs for next two decades

The demand for data and associated technical infrastructure is growing exponentially. It is the right time for enterprises to adapt to the advancements and build a future-ready ecosystem that delivers path-breaking insights and business opportunities.

Built modern data analytics platform
Scale your architecture to handle petabytes of data

The quantity of the data to be handled would not be the same over the years. Being prepared to handle petabytes or even exabytes of data in the data warehouse gives a competitive edge.

cloud technology
Leverage business critical non-transactional data from varied sources

With the advancement in cloud technology and storage methodologies, different data types from unconventional source systems (Semi-structured / unstructured) can be captured, stored, managed and integrated with structured data from transactional systems for better 360° view of business.

business agility
Reduce the time from ‘data to insight’

The time for data to insight is critical for enterprise agility. It reflects business agility by acting swiftly with business insights and take corrective actions. Modernization can reduce latency in decision making.

data science
Enable AI and create a data science ready infrastructure

The enablement of AI and related infrastructure is inevitable for competitive growth. Building a data platform which supports and lays foundations for AI and Machine learning workloads is essential.

data analytics
Democratize your data analytics across the user segments and hierarchy

Data democratization helps users across the network to understand what's happening and align their priorities with unified vision and goal in mind. This results in a collective effort towards success.

Accelerate your journey towards modernization

Leverage Tezo’s capabilities that level up your modernization speed while balancing quality and efficiency. We leverage leading platforms ranging from Microsoft Azure, AWS, Snowflake and other prominent third-party tools.


Eliminate the need for data staging Faster transformation

ETL’s process involving complex data types consumes more time to transform while congesting the staging layer. No matter the complexity of data, the ELT approach enables a faster transformation with no staging layer transformations involved which save a lot of resources and cost.

Edw to dwe
Edw to dwe

Migrate your legacy DWH systems to cloud data environement

Get more value by building an extended data warehouse environment that focuses on delivery and availability, automation, and workload capabilities, and bottlenecks. Scale and manage more easily, save time and reduce the costs by migrating to the cloud.

high latency analytics
high latency analytics to real time analytics

Make informed and faster decisions

Seize opportunities, prevent any problems, and react instantly with real-time analytics. Empower your end-users by leveraging real-time analytics to enhance the operations of crucial business functions, more predominantly sales and marketing, finance, and customer service.

data science ready infrastructure
data science ready infrastructure

Enable AI to make yourself future ready

Many data science models require high-end capabilities to run, validate and deliver results. Modernization is not just moving to the cloud but also involves building your data infrastructure with added capabilities that support any level of the data science workload and delivers valuable predictions/Insights.

Modern Data Platforms ensure sustained business

Data Modernization efforts Tezo Data Modernization efforts resulted in an average of 47% cost redution
  • A deployed platform within one month
  • 40% decrease in data storage costs
  • 30-60% faster time to market
  • ROI in six months
  • 4x faster transition

Modernization platforms we use

We are a Snowflake partner. Our Snowflake certified professionals enables faster transformation to cloud and realize the benefits of modernization.

We enable cloud transformation with AWS and our experts can help you in consulting, implementation and maintainance of the cloud infrastructure.

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and one of our core expertise lies in development and customization of Microsoft products .

We are an Oracle Cloud partner. Our Oracle cloud experts enables faster transformation to cloud and realize the benefits of modernization.


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