Custom CRM Solutions

Drive insights, data, and actions with a customized CRM solution

Connect with our expert

Experience Best-in-class CRM solutions
with All-in-One Capabilities

Efficiently streamline top-notch customer service with end-to-end automation and gain AI-powered predictive insights for a proactive customer journey. Adopt our one-stop CRM solution to adapt to new business opportunities, nurture customer needs and respond to evolving market trends.

Automate data management

Improve customer support

Built-in intelligence capabilities

Predictive customer insights

Foster omnichannel presence

Custom enterprise solution

Deliver innovative solutions with Microsoft
CRM to cater all your business needs

Empower end-to-end customer engagement suite that can shape the future of your workplace with our in-house development center. We empower our network partner to build a robust Customer Relationship Management solution that caters to your customer needs.

Uncover cohesive customer relationship
management with ease

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, our proficiency in empowering various use cases and frameworks for CRM solutions elevate customer demand proactively and drive personalized service experiences.

Customer Data

Get centralized access to disparate data sources, offering a 360-degree view of behavioral insights to drive improved customer experience.

Customer Services

Activate self-service options and create personalized customer offerings with CRM for sales and marketing efficiency.

Customer Insights

Leverage world-class AI and analytics to measure customer predictions and nurture the customer engagement process.

Enterprise Integration

Connect entire business processes with customizable CRM solution across sales, marketing, customer support, and other internal processes seamlessly.

Customer Voice

Track real-time customer feedback using interactive engagement with an easy-to-use CRM solution to increase customer retention and loyalty.

Powerful Platform

Optimize enterprise resource planning and integrate data-driven solutions faster using AI powered insights and improve operational excellence.

Transforming ways to drive business
opportunities with imperative solutions

Connect end-to-end CRM solutions that offers comprehensive benefits to deliver unified customer experience and empower teams to accelerate sales results.

Unified customer database

Maximize customer lifetime value with a unified CRM solution that manages customer-centric data to implement effective service functions.

Power BI integration

Power BI empowers sales teams to make informed decisions, leverage advanced capabilities with AI & ML and feature engineering and data quality.

Enhance business workflow

Create seamless custom workflow and get intelligent real-time context with an effective CRM solution that ensures increased productivity.

Unified data access

Accelerate your business and sales growth using intelligent CRM solutions that connects real-time information effortlessly with data management capabilities.

Mobility and insights

Simplify user-friendly interface by optimizing efficient business practices and map real-time inventory with enhanced visibility and actionable insights.

Learning and support

Get access to eLearning portal and guide customers, sales and marketing team through demos, training, and certification to enable powerful CRM solutions.

Fuel business growth with the extensive
functionalities of MS Dynamics 365

Seamless integration of data provides increased efficiency from presales to customer service and meets digital commerce needs in one go. Simplify customer-specific campaigns, sales forecasts, and pipeline business opportunities effectively with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Dynamics 365 Sales

Build reliable and global solutions with our Dynamics 365 Sales expertise that follow standardized selling processes, gain actionable behavioral insights, and scale revenue using AI-powered data.

Dynamics 365 Marketing

Adapt personalized customer journey across all touchpoints to easily manage engagement activities and run personalized campaigns through the right channels and provide holistic customer experience. Get full visibility of customer buying power, preference with customer segmentation.

Dynamics 365 Service

Connect service experiences across all channels, including AI-powered interaction, self-service options, and portals with MS Dynamics 365 solutions. Discover digital transformative outcomes using an intelligent service platform.

Dynamics 365 Finance

Utilize MS Dynamics 365 services to make proactive timely decisions, drive operational efficiency and embed agility with real-time analytics, reporting and AI-insights. We thrive in customer performance by connecting data and automating tasks.

Dynamics 365 Commerce

Infuse intelligence to automate processes across retail and sales data to deliver personalized and intuitive digital commerce experiences. Integrating with Dynamics 365 solution ensure rapid execution and optimize business excellence by reducing costs.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain

MS Dynamics 365 integration allow businesses to maximize entire asset performance effectively with reduced downtime and automate order execution using AI-powered scheduling and real-time inventory. Stay agile and overcome disruptions to improve overall equipment effectiveness, visibility, and insights.

Gain a 360-degree view of customer data
with unified CRM solutions


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