CLOUD Migration services

Migrated more than 400 systems to cloud

cloud migration services

We migrated 1000+ organizations to cloud

Cloud capabilities enhance and enable the overall digital transformation and lack of which inhibits the business growth. We have helped many enterprises to accelerate their growth by migrating their legacy infrastructure to the cloud. This enabled them with better efficiency, faster processes while cutting costs and allowing greater flexibility.

No matter the size and complexity, Tezo can help migrate your on-prem infra to the cloud, seamlessly with unparalleled expertise and in-house frameworks that are time tested and unique.

Accelerate your cloud migration in 3 steps

Our tailored and time-tested migration approach enables faster and seamless enablement of cloud.


Discover & Assess

  • Understand the primary businees goals of migrating to cloud.
  • Identify security, compliance and regulatory goals
  • Discover all business applications and develop a migration strategy
  • Prioritize apps, dependencies, risks and create a roadmap
  • Align all stakeholders with the roadmap and get resources needed to start


Design & Build

  • Design a reference architecture that meets the business needs
  • Validate design for security, compliance & other regulatory needs
  • Develop and build a prototype


Migration & Execution

  • Design secure, compliant Azure reference architecture
  • Develop and build a Minimum Viable Cloud
  • Discover all business applications and develop a migration strategy
  • Implement security and compliance controls
  • Install 3rd party tools
  • Integrate your CI/CD pipeline with our infrastructure automation

Our cloud migration services

Tezo can help you with all kinds of Cloud migration services.

Infrastructure migration

Infrastructure migration

Using the same legacy or on-premise infrastructure will only dampen the digitization goals. Businesses to thrive and compete, it is inevitable to migrate all the on prem infra to cloud. Our cloud migration experts help you with the best choice of cloud service provider based on your requirements and migrate all the components seamlessly.

Architecture migration

Architecture migration

The demand for advanced processing of data and the capabilities of the existing architecture may keep changing. Our cloud architects can help you design a tailored data architecture that matches your demands. We leverage our in-house frameworks and ready-to-use components to perform easy and faster migration of architecture.

Data migration

Data migration

Upgrade to a cost-effective and faster way of storage by choosing cloud over legacy infrastructure. Our data migration experts can help you select, prepare, extract, and transform data to migrate it permanently to a modern data warehouse. This enables faster processing of data, resulting in better insights and decision making.

Platform migration

Platform migration

Inefficiencies faced by current cloud data platform may drain the actual intent of using cloud. If not addressed, such inefficiencies may result in long term problems or loss of time and money. We have partnerships and expertise in using the most popular cloud platforms including Snowflake, Azure, AWS, enabling our experts to migrate with ease and comfort.

We are Micro Services experts on Azure and AWS

Build specific microservices that scalable, light weight and enable faster deployment on any type of cloud. Our experts help enterprises like yours with Microservices development and consulting services.

Azure migration

We have delivered various solutions using Microsoft Azure. Our experts can help you with your Micro services requirements.

AWS migration

We can help you with Micro services architectures and cloud using Amazon Web services.

docker migration

We can help with your Micro services archictectures using Docker and Kubernetes on both Azure and AWS.

Our people make all the difference

Our people make the difference. The talent we attract and retain are innovative thinkers comitted to meaningful work that makes a difference. We have highly entrepreneurial environment that enourages creativity within the bounds of established mature processes.

  • We attract best talent - We have the knack for identifying good talent and blend them as us. The law of attraction - like attracts like

  • We have a strong heritage built on great people who put customers first and deliver exceptional results with no surprises - every time


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