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We built our own products using the same talent that builds products for our customers. These are profitable and leading in their respective markets and it took us 4+ years to get there! So we know the pain it takes to put things together, achieve a product market fit and scale the business.

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Mock data for QA automation & data analysis

Fakewiser is cloud mock data generator and lets you generate business specific test data in large volumes. You can generate credit card numbers, personal information, insurance, banking related data or create your own set of functional expressions to generate data.

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Azure devops extension to prioritize product backlog

The Azure DevOps extension for prioritising product backlog is a powerful tool that allows you to prioritise user stories and activities quickly and efficiently, helping you to manage your product backlog more effectively. You may use this plugin to optimise your workflow and guarantee that your team is focusing on the most critical activities in order to meet your project objectives. 


Logger service for developers

Be it a small change to the existing system or development from the ground up we help you with right tools and technology implementations. We never lose track of the big picture but always start small and help you attain your goal with minimum investments


Devops automation for Oracle cloud

Readypush was developed to automate devops processes in environments ccross platform environments such as Oracle and Azure. The tool was developed for internal purposes, but we intend to release it out soon


We are hiring dreamers & code crafters

If you are someone who likes to create tools and frameworks to automate and speed up development and save time for your peers, let’s connect. Check out our careers page

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