Tezo R&D Labs

Where we sharpen our minds, tools and processes

Our labs are our source of inspiration & innovation

It always seems obvious after someone else has done it. We want to build something worthy which isn't obvious, and we insisted on our labs to experiment and produce path-breaking innovations.

We want to contribute our learnings to global businesses through our solutions while delivering the best to our customers. Identifying new opportunities, creating new frameworks, and tailoring solutions that meet customer needs are the few we bring out of our labs.

Minimum viable product with Maximum love

Anything worth building takes at least a few years. Meanwhile, to understand and get a sneak peek of how your idea or a product would look and work, build a minimal version of it. This approach is cost and time-effective and works for businesses of any size.

In the past few years, we have successfully helped our customers with MVPs and imbibed confidence that their ideas/products were worthy enough for business.

Growing intrapreneurs in the organization

Entrepreneurship is for people who don’t need anyone to tell them what to do. They are either self-driven or failed. There are some limitations if someone is aspiring to be an entrepreneur. We aim to subside them by building Intrapreneurs within the company.

Intrapreneurs are, who make their way, who don't give up, who figure out what meaningful work means and who neither fear rejection nor failure. They just need to learn and contribute to mutual success.

Straight out of our R&D labs

Explore the products and solutions that came straight of our R&D labs

Commercial products

Some of our products that are the result of our R&D efforts, have been extremely successful and have set benchmarks in the industry.

Open source frameworks

These are the components and frameworks that we developed internally. They are reusable and save us plenty of time on new projects.

Industry solutions

Our years of experience in a vertical culminated to creating these solutions that save a significant time for our new customers