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Order Planning Process With Advanced Analytical Models

Our customer is one of the largest manufacturers making watches, eye wear and precision engineering globally. 

For efficient demand casting, the client wanted to develop a model to forecast profitable sales avenues via data analytics.

By studying all available past data and central data storages, Technovert was able to deliver an ear-marking solution to enhance their demand-forecasting, analytics and decision making capabilities.

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Demand Forecasting For Improved Control Using AI & ML


Manufacturing & Engineering


United States

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    The Challenge

    As a usable and scalable solution, the client was looking to advance its existing forecasting model performance through a more extensive and robust data-driven methodology for their demand casting process. As digital technology continues to evolve, customers use digital platforms for various activities that gives a wide variety of data availability. Thus, it becomes difficult to predict demand volatility.

    A large segment of sales was found to be focusing on small but non-profitable portion of customers and there were concerns related to regional and store level stockouts that was leading to revenue loss.

    Download the case study for a detailed representation.

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