Why Your Airlines Need a Powerful Omnichannel Platform

flight booking app with omnichannel experience

Multichannel has proven to be an effective approach for communicating with airline passengers. But its charm faded over the years. Under the presence of multiple channels, travelers get several mediums to interact with their airlines conveniently. Yet, the challenge with multiple channels is to maintain the consistency of travel data and keep them centralized.

Today, customers have multiple touchpoints, such as websites, call centers, travel agent offices, self-service customer portals, and other mediums to search, book, track, and manage travel activities. Yet, modern-day travelers look for holistic travel experiences, which could cover all their personalized travel inspirations and post-trip activities. This issue can be addressed with an engaging omnichannel platform.

Capabilities of an Omnichannel Platform

An omnichannel platform is a medium to enhance the travel experience by delivering consistent customer service across all channels. Omnichannel platforms possess the ability to:

  • Store all passenger data, regardless of its source, in a centralized database.
  • Access real-time customer data from anywhere and at any time.
  • Connect with customers through automation.
  • Deliver personalized experiences based on the customer journey.

Omnichannel platforms are the best way to enable airlines to elevate customer experience and deliver uniform customer service.

Benefits of having an omnichannel platform for airlines

Adopting an omnichannel platform will significantly improve how airlines interact with their passengers. It essentially fulfills customer expectations by easing out the process of reaching out to airlines and having the flexibility to take up any preferred means – website, mobile application, agent portals, and various other ways. In doing so, airline companies get benefited operationally and financially.

  • Enhances revenue management: Implementing a centralized platform that is aligned with omnichannel experience enforces multiple ancillary revenues.
  • Personalized offers development: Offers generated out of personal data are easier to advertise and organize when they are disseminated through a central repository. This move is capable of drawing in a set of loyal customers.
  • Targets and engages customers effectively: Omnichannel customer experience strategy allows easy customer segmentation and gives the ability to run focused campaigns.
  • More customer engagement options: It also gives you an insight into your customers’ priorities and desires. This kind of curated platform boosts customer engagement and ensures business growth.

With a truly omnichannel experience, the traveler gets travel information flowing seamlessly from one channel to the other. While adopting an omnichannel strategy, you would need an architecture with an in-memory layer that serves across the channels with traveler data like preferences, interaction information, and customer history.

Your airlines require a flight booking app with an omnichannel experience

Long gone are the days when travel agents and kiosks were the only mediums to book flights. Today, the Internet serves as a super-fast way to buy airline tickets. The online platform presents various advantages, such as easy price comparison, checking in from the comfort of home, and printing boarding passes beforehand.

Airlines omnichannel experience

Flight booking applications following an omnichannel strategy help in multiple ways:

  • Customer Insight

Having data on your customers enables you to serve them better. These customer insights strengthen the customer-brand relationships across all touchpoints.

  • Personalization

Encouraging travelers to book their flight tickets over an online system gives you an opportunity to gather customer data, which is integral for crafting personalized offers. Using a tailored approach ensures that your airline builds up on foundational emotions, leading to customer loyalty.

  • Increased efficiency

Omnichannel experience integrated with automation can save inordinate amounts of time. Consider a scenario where you need to send a confirmation email after flight booking. This can be easily done while sending an additional link to promote, without compromising the personal touch that a customer usually desires for.

Post omnichannel platform adoption: Consumer expectations

According to Civil Airline Authority, one of the top passenger expectations is to receive prompt information on flight bookings and tracking that can be accessed through centralized omnichannel systems.

Benefits of Custom Flight Booking Apps

Customers also expect to be presented with personalized offers that can provide them with an affordable flight experience according to their preferences and needs. For example, some travelers might be looking to upgrade their seats, check-in extra luggage, or customize their in-flight entertainment. Omnichannel offers endless options to airline companies to present customers with the kind of choice and variety they desire.

How did Technovert help a major airline claim its loyal customers?

A state-owned, flag carrier airline operating in North America, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean approached Technovert to build a customer-centric airline mobile application. They envisioned the solution to deliver a personalized travel experience to their passengers throughout their journey, covering their pre-booking to post-traveling necessities.

Technovert noted all their concerns and delivered an airline technology solution in a form of a user-friendly mobile application. The modern application was also able to address the diverse expectations of customers – a consistent voice across all communication channels. To resolve the issue, our team of experts adopted an omnichannel experience. The offered solution enabled the client’s team to dynamically manage promotions, deals, and other content with personalized offers.

It also helped our client to increase their average application rating on app stores by 60% and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) by 34%.

Now you know how the integration of omnichannel experiences can help you boost overall revenue and keep passengers happy. You can do the same by reaching out to our experienced professionals.

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