Microsoft ignite 2019: The 7 most exciting things to watch out

Microsoft Ignite 2019

It’s time to gear up for the flagship event of Microsoft Ignite 2019! 

The annual conference which brings together thousands of technology influencers, practitioners and industry experts going to take place in Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL from the 4th to the 8th of November 2019. Technovert is excited to take part in the event as an exhibitor. 

These past few years, there’s been a lot of insights about cloud adoption and its influence on various industries. This year, the shift is from a traditional workplace to the cloud has gained incredible momentum. And that is the main theme of this year’s Ignite. There are going to be some good, informative workshops, sessions (on modernization, AI & collaboration) addressing various challenges and provide insights to overcome them. From finding simpler ways to migrate legacy workloads to automate your business processes; from going deeper into the world of Azure to discovering new solutions and leveraging business apps that are ideal for you and your team.  

Microsoft Ignite 2018 was a blast and this year is going to be one heck of a ride to get inspired!  

We have put together the seven most exciting topics to explore. So, without any further ado, let’s peek into this year’s event.

  1. Digital Transformation with Microsoft 365
  2. Modernization of Data Platform: 
  3. Streamline Business Operations with Dynamics 365
  4. Modernization of Line of Business Applications to Azure
  5. Business Process Transformation with Power Platform
  6. Vision Keynote
  7. Technovert @ Microsoft Ignite 2019

1. Digital Transformation with Microsoft 365

Digital transformation, the trend that’s been taking the world by a storm since the last decade is about to reach its peak with the modern workplace. In the past, many challenges were encountered in transforming a traditional workplace into a digitally collaborative organization. As this trend evolved, so did our ability to take advantage of low-cost cloud solutions, digital solutions and use it to empower the workforce. discussing many challenges that are being encountered in the digital transformation journey and, many sessions enlightening us about how we can leverage it and boost our business. 

There are many interesting sessions on this topic this year.  Here is our check out the following sessions

Discover how a large Fortune 500 customer used workplace intelligence to drive digital transformation (customer panel)
Find out how a large-scale Fortune 500 company took advantage of Microsoft Workplace Analytics and were able to transform the way they worked, collaborated and achieved great levels of employee satisfaction as well as customer satisfaction through this session.

Accelerate your digital transformation journey with Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure
Guess this section would be incomplete if we didn’t discuss the Cloud. Attend this session to achieve all your business goals in record time by leveraging the Cloud platform.  

How to use analytics to drive your Microsoft 365 adoption
Learn how you can take advantage of data and how you can use that data to boost your organization’s productivity and collaboration with this session.  

Microsoft 365 adoption overview
Attend this session to get insights about how you can adopt Microsoft 365 and its change management capabilities. You can also learn about the tools that allow you to leverage Microsoft 365 to accomplish your business goals.  

2. Modernization of Data Platform 

In this advent of modernization, it is highly essential to have your data platform modernized with all the bells and whistles that your business could leverage to stay ahead of the competition. provided with new learnings. Data Platform modernization is one of the key topics of Microsoft Ignite 2019. Modernization will help organizations to reduce the infrastructure required, SQL server license spends while reaping maximum possible benefits. With Microsoft Windows 7 and SQL Server 2012(SP3) will reaching the end of support by 2020 and 2022 respectively. It is recommended to migrate to the latest cloud or on-premise versions of them to remain secure and updated.  

Here are a few sessions to attend to stay updated and gain insights: 

SQL Server modernization
If you are performing an upgrade or you have initiated the process of modernization of your data platform, you must have an understanding on how to perform a risk-free SQL server upgrades, maximize database performance, reduce the time complexity of complex query performance tuning. To claim answers for all these “How to” questions this is the right session to attend.    

Introducing the Streaming Data Warehouse with Azure SQL Data Warehouse
This session helps you in learning how to leverage stream tables in your azure AQL Database to ingest event hubs data while supporting your business-critical insights with much lower latencies.  

A new integration between Azure SQL Data Warehouse and Azure Stream Analytics makes it possible to ingest hundreds of megabytes of real-time event streams to support real-time ingestion and analytics scenarios.  

Modernizing your Database with SQL
This session helps you in learning how to articulate the key differentiators between SQL Server on-premises, in Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine, in Azure SQL Database, and hybrid.  Also, you will be able to understand the different service tiers within Azure SQL Database, how it is secured, and how to address concerns.   

SQL Server 2019 big data clusters: Architecture, deployment, and security
This session helps you in learning the architecture of big data clusters, its primary uses, and how to deploy and secure the environment, with a focus on the latest security and other improvements to the system.

3. Streamline Business Operations with Dynamics 365

From being a visionary to becoming market leader, Dynamics platform has grown tenfold since the past decadeERP’s have transitioned from siloed products to connect experiences, data integration and analytics have become value-driven, field operations have gone mobile and overall driving the next-gen customer experiences. It’s time for us to streamline the business operations with the capabilities of the product suite and the and how to leverage the platform with its purpose-built solutions.  

With the new 2019 release wave 2(Production deployment begins from October 1, 2019) for Dynamics 365 brings innovations that provide you with significant solutions to transform your business. The enhancements to Dynamics 365 applications include hundreds of new capabilities across the business process application. This release also aims to enhance artificial intelligence capabilities to help organizations accelerate their transformation of various business functions like customer service, sales, and marketing functions with a new set of experiences to enhance employee productivity using mixed reality. 

At Microsoft Ignite 2019, you will get an opportunity to learn from industry leaders and technology trailblazers on how to adapt your business for the next wave by enabling efficiencies and optimize processes that pave the way for innovation and personalized experiences for all.  

Here are a couple of sessions to attend to stay updated and gain insights

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central embedded in Office 365:
You will be able to learn how SMCs are driving value to all employees with an embedded ERP solution across Office 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform. 

Moving from Microsoft Dynamics 365 on-premises to online:
You can learn how Microsoft’s migration tool and services can greatly simplify the move from a CRM on-premises organization to Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Online while explaining how the costs and hurdles for the migration can be significantly reduced.    

Improve and automate workflows with mixed reality, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Power Apps:
In this session, you will be able to learn and see how first-line workers can learn complex tasks and increase efficiency when using digital information overlaid with physical objects and environments with the power of mixed reality.  

Also, see how these solutions empowered with Microsoft Business Applications are automating and improving real-world challenges and solving complex issues today. 

Modernize your Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications using mixed reality:
In this session, you will be able to learn about how mixed reality solutions such as the Microsoft HoloLens and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, Guides, Layout, and Product Visualize evolve how first-line workers interact with the people, places, and things most important to them and your business. 

Also, see how using holograms and IoT sensors to recognize physical environments can empower your business to be more intelligent, efficient, and effective.  

4. Modernization of Line of Business Applications to Azure   

The Cloud. It is not just the hero of this year’s event but also emerging as “the platform” for all kinds of organizations to make a mark in the future. It is estimated that almost 75-80% of businesses around the world are already using some form of Cloud (private or Azure), this adoption is only going to go higher in the not so far future.  

So, this year, Microsoft Ignite is hosting a variety of sessions to provide insights to leverage Azure to transform legacy line of business application to cost-effective cloud-native applications (SaaS n more…). Learn from the cloud advantage team on how to modernize your systems as it can boost the operational performance for all. 

Clear your schedule for the following sessions

Database modernization best practices and lessons learned 
Learn everything you need to know before you modernize your database platform for sustaining iron-clad security, boosting your performance and how Azure can be your go-to solution for all the above-mentioned points. 

Back to the future: Accelerating the cloud migration of legacy SSIS with Azure Data Factory 
Get a wiggle on your Cloud migration of legacy SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), for example, versions older than 2008 with Azure Data Factory (ADF). Gain a deeper understanding of running SSIS packages stored in Azure Files as first-class activities in ADF pipelines, accessing Azure SQL DB/Managed Instance with OLEDB connectors that are configured for Azure Active Directory authentication with ADF managed identity, testing SSIS packages in ADF from SSDT, scheduling SSIS jobs in ADF from SQL Server Agent/third-party orchestrators that invoke Azure-enabled dtexec.exe, etc. 

Azure migration journey: Best practices and open mic Q&A
Learn everything about migration, the best practices to migrate your content and when to consider VM, data, and application with this session. In the end, meet experts on Azure and Database migration for a Q&A session.  

Azure Migrate: A deep look at your cloud migration journey
Understand the Azure migration lifecycle and how you can leverage Azure to boost your organization’s productivity through this session. 

5. Business Process Transformation with Power Platform  

A trend that picked up pace as soon as it hit the market but is now viewed as one of the main goals of many organizations, Business Process Transformation’s focus is to automate as many processes as quickly as possible. To achieve this goal, organizations need to identify routine processes that require little to no human interference.  Power Platform accelerates this process by ten-fold. 

At Microsoft Ignite 2019 a valuable set of sessions guides you on how to take advantage of no code PowerApps & Flows, analytics & reporting with Power BI, intelligent automation with AI Builder to transform employees to power users who in turn build business processes that’s apt for all  

Make time for the following sessions

Microsoft Power BI: Business intelligence strategy, vision, and roadmap update
Take part in this session to gain insight into Microsoft Power BI, how you can leverage it for your business’ advantage, Power BI’s roadmap, vision and its strategy to achieve it.  

Automating your business processes with Microsoft Flow and Teams Integration 
Learn how Microsoft Flow can be integrated with Microsoft Teams with this session. Get to know more about how quickly you can leverage Microsoft Flow and the Flow Bot to increase your team’s productivity.    

Microsoft Power BI: Delivering business value with AI 
AI is arguably ruling the entire world. It is making its way through the most complex of processes and is evolving rapidly and it has found its way into Power BI as well. Attend this session and get a better understanding of how AI works in Power BI and how it can be used to boost your organization’s productivity.  

Enable modern analytics and enterprise business intelligence using Microsoft Power BI
Understand Microsoft Power BI and how you can leverage it to improve the scalability and performance of your organization through this session. You can also gain insight into how you can reuse semantic models with this session.  

6. Vision Keynote

Microsoft Ignite 2018 kicked off with a keynote and it was a power-packed one!  

Staying true to tradition, Microsoft Ignite 2019 is also going, to begin with, the keynote, also referred to as the “Vision Keynote”.  Some of the most revered visionaries of Microsoft will be delivering their insights about their technology investments in the core products driving the numerous technological advances in a multitude of fields.  

Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft will take the stage as the event begins and he is expected to make some exciting announcements about Microsoft’s ambitions in the field of Artificial Intelligence. This will be followed by Arun Ulag, Donovan Brown, Jeff Teper, Mark Russinovich and a few other leaders at Microsoft, who will share their insights about Microsoft Power BI, Azure, SharePoint, Dynamics 365.  

Full list of all the featured speakers of Microsoft Ignite 2019

7. Technovert @ Microsoft Ignite 2019

Technovert is a proud exhibitor at Microsoft Ignite 2019!!! We are a cutting-edge solution provider and we partner with you to understand the interconnection of user experience, business goals, and information technology. It’s the optimal fusing of these three drivers that deliver.
Visit our booth #2205 at Microsoft Ignite 2019 or contact us to know more about how we can help your organization to transform, modernize and future-ready your enterprise. Schedule a one-one meeting with our experts to know more about our solution offerings in 

  • Microsoft Office 365 
  • Data Analytics with Power BI and Azure Data platform
  • Microsoft Azure 
  • Microsoft Dynamics 


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