RPA for recruitment: How is it helping recruiters

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With the advent of Robotic process automation, major industries and business functions are automating most of their repetitive process which holds no more interest from human labor to work on such tasks. Businesses opt for RPA to get them automated.

Human resource is one such business function which is much feasible for RPA implementation. Recruiting a candidate involves various sub processes which could be automated using RPA.

This article, “RPA for Recruitment” explains how rpa can impact the HR department to transform their conventional methods of work especially for the process of recruitment.

RPA for Recruitment:

Adopting RPA for recruiting helps in streamlining the whole recruitment process and maximizing the recruiter’s productivity.  Below are the few processes and their replaceability by RPA.

   Processes like sourcing the right candidates, scheduling interviews and performing background checks require a resource to handle and ensure those are done without any issues.

Performing these screenings became a burden for HR departments to handle and RPA is here to rescue them.

Do you see the similar issues being faced by your HR dept.? If yes, RPA is your need of the hour!

Problems and how RPA is helping HR’s to overcome them:

Before looking into the problems, here are few points on how an RPA bot can help the HR team:

  1. Sending an automated acknowledgment for job applications received
  2. Data collection, processing and storing from resumes to companies ATS software.
  3. By developing FAQ, bots can help in answering them over a chatbot thus improved engagement with the candidate

Sourcing Candidates:

For any HR executive, sourcing the candidates is the primary task that involves a lot of manual work. One cannot go through every profile suitable for the role which in turn increases the burden on HR’s to screen.

RPA helps them by automating the search by parsing the resumes based on the keywords provided in various talent pools and databases for quality candidates.


There will always be a bunch of questions that always pop up in a candidate’s mind and every candidate keeps asking the same thus frustrating the HR.

What if you use a Chatbot which could answer all their queries and redirect/process them while HR ‘s focus on the rest of important tasks.

Chatbots can

  1. Ask the candidate for their cover letter, resume and contact information.
  2. Conduct Pre-screening
  3. Answer FAQ’s

Recruitment Marketing:

In this competitive era, fetching the right talent is one of the key factors driving success for the brands. To gain the attention of potential applicants, one should focus on marketing it through the right channels where the potential applicants spend most of the time in.

Doing this requires a large volume of branded content to be updated frequently. For a social media channel like Facebook, we can schedule it and get that posted on time. But for forums like Reddit and stack exchange, there are no such features that make the work more challenging.

Lacking such functionalities gave rise to software robots which can help in easing the process of scheduling the posts by defining the process flow using RPA tools and relieve the person doing this repetitive work.

Interview scheduling:

If a candidate is screened for the interview, is easy to schedule an interview with the concerned manager. What if there are hundreds of candidates screened and one HR to schedule interviews with concerned managers Moreover, HR can’t waste their time doing this kind of works.

An RPA software robot can help in making this process easier by getting real-time access to a recruiter or hiring manager’s calendar and suggest specific time slots based on availability to the candidate. Once the candidate selects a time slot of his choice, a confirmation email will be sent to both and that’s how simple RPA gets it done.

Enhanced candidate experience:

This could be one of the goals that every HR wants to achieve. Better the candidate experience, better the brand value of the company. With streamlining and automating wherever possible and necessary, the whole process will be enhanced and will give a smooth and flawless experience to the potential candidate

The Takeaway:

Robotic process automation helps in making the right hiring decisions faster thus empowering talent acquisition and other HR functions. Human interaction plays a key role in maintaining good employee-employer relations no matter the technology we use. The ultimate goal is to improve the processes in a much effective and productive way to meet the business needs and stay ahead in the market competition.


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