RPA for mining industry: How can automation transform mining

rpa for mining industry

Robotic process automation(RPA) for  mining industry is reducing costs, saving time, and upskilling workers.

It is likely to reshape the work environment for employees fundamentally, especially for larger workforces. If managed correctly it can turn out on a positive note. 

Despite the Mining sector’s antiquated reputation, some major mining companies are shifting their focus on transformation with progressive stance and proving digitization. Also, with automation mining industry can achieve much better operational outcomes. 

Mine 4.0, the mining industry is seeing the digital transformation into everything from trucks, drills, and trains to back-office processes, including procurement and supply chain logistics.

After the global commodities crash of 2014 to 2015, when prices plunged by more than 30%, and indeed the coronavirus pandemic is triggering the mining industry to adopt some transformational measures for better sustainability. 

The mining sector now aims to lower the costs and improving efficiency in the industry’s three biggest areas of expenditure– wages, energy, and materials, and supplies.  

RPA software bots can manage and maintain order requests, as well as scheduling, ordering, learning and development, finance, and other core services for the business.  

Through RPA, predictive maintenance, and other information technologies, companies can save a million dollars. Bots can spy any irregular changes in a machine behavior, identify potentially serious issues months before a major event could occur. This could save the company millions of pounds. 

Once companies develop trust in predictive maintenance technology, around 63 percent of all maintenance may go unnecessary or the maintenance intervals can be extended because the bot communicates promptly and timely to the executive when intervention is required This eliminates the routine work of maintenance. 

Apart from the above use case, the back-office processes like procurement, pay, and supply chain processes can also be automated based on the process analysis by the RPA engineer. RPA improves reliability, prices, and quality. 

Technovert is capable of discovering your business processes, understand and highlight the inefficiencies and the arrive at a conclusion on which all processes can be automated with RPA. 

Automating a process after making it efficient yields better results than automating it as is. 

Unlike humans, robots don’t make errors, don’t get tired, and can work 24/7. They are also much easier to scale up and scale down, which is a huge advantage in the cyclical mining business. 

Overall, automation in mining, as in any industrial setting, is proven to improve operational efficiency and help manage market shocks, such as the impact of COVID-19.  

About Technovert:

RPA helps businesses to reduce costs and lets bot do the routine while humans can focus on another value-added task and Technovert offers comprehensive robotic process automation solutions covering almost all major industries and business functions across.

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