Resource and Staff Augmentation: Ways to Grow your Business Reach

Resource and Staff Augmentation

Today, we live in a digital world where we require continuous improvement to stay ahead of the competitors. Businesses running in the competitive race strive for technological innovation and growth where digital and online presence plays a vital role. However, in the current scenario, large enterprises are failing at innovation and growth due to integration of outdated slow processes which are expensive and time-consuming. In such cases, organizations struggle to offer relevant applications and resources that personalize user experience and fail to comply with client requirements. With this, enters the concept of resource and staff augmentation in the IT sectors.

When you come across companies aiming to quickly scale their team, the most popular option we hear nowadays is IT staff augmentation. Resource and staff augmentation is a new concept of conducting a flexible outsourcing model that involves companies hiring a large pool of IT professionals for handling different projects that can help the internal innovation team. Thus, this offers an opportunity for IT organizations to integrate qualified and skilled software engineers and developers into the team whenever necessary without any hassle, eliminating the recruitment process and saving operational time as well as cost.

In this blog, we will articulate what is staff augmentation? and why it is important for an organization’s growth. To justify this, we will address a few top reasons for businesses to incorporate resource and staff augmentation across the workplace.

IT Team Augmentation:

With technological globalization, IT team augmentation has become an essential tool for organizations to invest and scale rapidly. Such tech evolution leads global IT businesses to switch from in-house development to staff augmentation or remote hiring. The outsourcing strategy also known as the resource and staff augmentation model assures gains in team productivity and rapid development project turnaround. It also impacts possible remote developers or IT experts to fill gaps in the business objective and work smoothly on assigned projects together.

Rising Trend of Team Augmentation

Moreover, during the deadly covid crisis, IT companies infused staff augmentation services to their maximum potential. In fact, according to a Businesswise report the worldwide software revenue is expected to grow $968.25 billion by end of 2023, while a Statista report also predicts strong radical growth of the IT staff augmentation which indicated that 70% of companies observed this resource strategy significantly saves time and cost. While hiring trends also indicated that the global IT developer count is expected to reach 28.7 billion people. Therefore, this clearly explains the need for an IT team augmentation approach to help companies establish skill gaps, solve capacity issues, increase team productivity, and promote no recruitment hassle.

Furthermore, recruitment processes for permanent job positions are time-consuming and expensive due to the increased recruitment fees. On the other hand, resource and staff augmentation for IT companies allow them to stay aligned with the client requirements while ensuring smooth integration, optimal project performance, cost-effectiveness and fit within tight deadlines.

We will drive you through the key basic IT Staff augmentation model that involves three core stages:

IT Staff Augmentation Process flow

  1. Identification of specialized skill gap: Before searching for IT experts with the right kind of skills, domain experience, and proficiency that helps enhance your team, a company must precisely identify the necessary skills as per each client’s requirement. The company at this stage also determined the skill gap and opt for developers and IT experts on per project basis for a specific period instead of hiring for a long term.


  1. Onboarding of recruited staff first: Once the pool of talented developers is hired. The second phase leads to the onboarding process that helps learn more about the company values, project objectives as well as daily processes and procedures across the team. The recruited staff may be skilled and experienced within their field, but they will still need assistance to get acquainted with the in-house development team. This can easily be achieved by setting up a communication channel to conduct easy and hassle-free collaboration and incorporate management tools to organize day-to-day activities effectively.


  1. Leverage continuous staff support: Once the newly recruited staff have been fully equipped with the onboarding process and integrated into the workforce, there should be consistent support provided that ensures continuous learning and development plans. Such new opportunities will build a strong and ever-improving relationship with the augmented team and adds up to implementing their professional skill set especially for their offshore projects.

Top Reasons businesses need resource and staff augmentation: 

IT companies are accepting the concept of team augmentation to evolve on a global scale by adding greater professional skills and domain experience for a specific duration. It also eliminates the undue burden of a rigorous and time-consuming recruitment process. Now that you have a clear idea about resource and staff augmentation, it is time to get a brief understanding of the top reasons team augmentation benefits your business growth.

Reasons to Choose Resource and Staff Augmentation

  1. Access to unique expertise: 

One of the most competitive advantages of Staff augmentation is the hiring of talented IT experts with wider experience where the specialists work in a variety of domains like working on multiple apps and development tools. On the other hand, the in-house development team are always equipped in working on a single product and focus on other technical responsibilities like surfing from one project to another and building solutions from scratch.

Furthermore, due to post covid hiring challenges, it was estimated that over 85% of companies opted for outsourcing and staff augmentation techniques as it bridges the skill gap and takes the project goals to the next level. Therefore, team augmentation can come up with unique architectural decisions that set the scope of work and offer significant resources to meet unique business requirements in minimal time.

  1. Optimize development costs:  

IT companies need to bear loads of additional overhead expenses and costs in the case of an in-house development team. These expenses involve paid wages, incentives, insurance, training, talent programs, taxes, and other miscellaneous expenses. Thus, IT companies are nowadays investing in staff augmentation that enables them to cut or reduce unnecessary costs of the business and focus more on solving complex processes in a streamlined way.

Many IT companies find a need to downsize or alter their current organizational structure to adapt economic downturn. For example, even major large enterprises like Meta, Amazon, Google and many others are laying off thousands of highly qualified engineers due to the downward pressure of the market. Therefore, resource and staff augmentation allow to only cover the cost of hiring the specialist for a distinct project for a specific duration.

  1. Meets tight deadlines:

Most development projects are conducted on high expectations from the client and one of the things that meet their requirement is delivering the task within fixed deadlines. This further denotes that companies need to make extra efforts and have the manpower and wider domain expertise to work on the project within the strict deadlines. As a result, sometimes companies due to lack of additional resources fails to make it on time.

Thus, with a robust team augmentation model, businesses can easily align the external team to work on urgent projects. The hired experts will prioritize critical task and if they experience any pitfall, they can raise the issue and resolve it before the release date. While this also helps recruiters to save necessary resources, time and effort spent on identifying, onboarding, as well as training skilled and proficient talent for the job.

  1. Nurturing talent program: 

After getting onboarded into the in-house team, the newly hired staff obtained through staff augmentation need to gather the necessary project requirements and learn the skill set that is aligned with the client’s expectation. The potential IT experts and developers are hired based on their wide experience in the field and skills acquired but keeping track of consistent performance and professional growth also plays a crucial role.

Therefore, companies after the onboarding process should introduce continuous learning and development program to nurture the newly augmented team so that they can deliver exceptional value and potential results to achieve the project goals.

  1. Remote Flexibility: 

With resource and staff augmentation, IT companies can hire a large pool of talented developers not only around particular domain experience, skill set and product knowledge but also to delegate the project specifics remotely on a contract basis without having any location barrier. Whether a company needs one or a team of developers, your remote team feels like a part of your in-house development team with whom you can easily collaborate and engage.

Therefore, offering remote flexibility is all about enhancing effective communication and management techniques. This helps establish a well-grounded communication channel to facilitate easy, smooth, and hassle-free workflow even if work is distributed.

Wrapping up: 

Whether you need to hire one or a large pool of developers, we at Technovert offer flexible and smooth resource and staff augmentation to enhance your business growth. We have helped our clients to full-fill their requirements and satisfy their expectations by offering top-tier IT experts or front-end and back-end engineers to successfully achieve project execution. We cater dedicated team of pre-vetted IT experts based on wide domain experience, tech proficiency etc. that offer significant resources to match every client’s expectation with the best quality and cost.

Explore more about how to augment your in-house team with proven IT professionals by embracing innovation using the most efficient resource and staff augmentation to deliver excellent values, results, and efficiency.

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