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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a phrase that’s become synonymous with any organization that’s working to revamp their business to stay ahead of the competition.

So, what is digital transformation?

It is the practice of reimagining an organization’s work culture in the image of the digital age by leveraging various new or existing technologies that are best suited for the organization.

When we talk about leveraging technologies, there are a multitude of technologies available in the market that are developed for the sole purpose of accelerating the digital transformation trend. One such technology that has proven to play a key role in this transformation is the Office 365 suite by Microsoft. This year, Microsoft went ahead and launched the Microsoft 365 suite that comprises of the Office 365 suite, the Windows 10 Enterprise, the Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS), and Machine Learning.

The M365 enterprise is a huge part of the digital transformation journey of an organization as it not only promotes collaboration but also enhances productivity. This enterprise can be leveraged by any organization, irrespective of its size as it empowers organizations with state-of-the-art security and the most advanced applications that improve collaboration.

But how is digital transformation impacting the revenue of businesses?

If you take a deeper look, digital transformation is not just about adopting the cloud, it is about modernizing a workplace so the organization and the workforce can take advantage of the cloud investment to boost the productivity, thereby revenue. A little apprehension from the managements of various organizations to invest in digital transformation is understandable as it a major shift from the archaic and traditional world they’ve grown in from. We can talk about how big of an impact it can create on a business, but it is much easier to decode the number, understand the value of transformation by some of the leading organizations and their brush with digital transformation.

Microsoft, with its world-changing products, enjoyed the status of being a leader of the IT industry for a very long time. With the Windows OS and the Office Suite, it reign appeared to be unchallenged. But there had been a significant decrease in the stock prices as it struggled to keep up with the competition from other giants in the industry like Apple and Amazon.

Satya Nadella, the current CEO of Microsoft, changed the rules of the game by pushing the organization to focus on the cloud. When this proposal came in 2014, the company’s stocks were being sold at $38 per share. By 2019, the same stocks were selling at $138. The revenue in 2014 was $93.5 billion and today, the number is $122 billion. It also accomplished what seemed to be an almost impossible task a few years ago this year- it joined the list of a few organizations that hit the trillion-dollar mark.

Target is a go-to store for most of the Americans to buy almost anything. But the company struggled to meet the ever-growing need for an online presence. It enlisted Amazon to create its presence on the internet. Even this did not help the company and it began to introduce various new technologies in its stores to make them digitized and more customer-friendly. Its new design mimicked the e-commerce market but in a physical store. This not only bridged the gap between the online market and the physical stores but also paved the way for other giants in the industry to follow the same suit. The introduction of online order and in-store pick up changed the way the world viewed grocery shopping.

The stocks of the company were sold at $73 per share and increased to $88 per share. Its revenue is at $76 billion. Target has no plans to slow down as it is aiming to invest another $7 billion to transform 600 of its stores digitally, by the year 2020.

Nike needs no introduction, as almost everyone, be it a teenager or a 60-something person desired to own a pair of its shoes. Nike too encountered a major challenge a few years ago as it was failing to maintain its customer base. This is when the company decided to reach out to its customers through an online medium. It made Amazon a partner to sell its products online and it didn’t stop there. It upped its e-commerce strategy by creating its own application which focuses on collecting data from the users and suggests the right pair for them.

Today, its stocks are being sold at almost $88 per share while earlier, they were being sold at just $52 per share. Its revenue improved from $33.5 billion to $39.1 billion during this time.

And few more contenders who have seen value & growth:

As we established that Digital Transformation truly impacts a business in a positive way and steadily increases its revenue, let’s take a look at Microsoft 365 and the range of applications that are uniquely designed to accelerate your organization’s digital transformation with capabilities below.

1. SharePoint and OneDrive capabilities

Having a centralized platform through which you can access all your data not only helps you stay organized but also boosts productivity. Storage and sharing are two other things that promote collaboration and enhance the experience of a modernized workplace. Finding a perfect platform that is uniquely designed to satisfy all your organization’s needs and enhances its growth has been a challenge encountered by many organizations. A simple solution to this challenge is the cloud. You can not only sore data in the cloud but also organize share your data without worrying about security. Microsoft 365 provides SharePoint and OneDrive- two of the most robust cloud platforms in the world.

With these two platforms, you can share your content without any fear of compromising your data as the shared content as well as your personal content will be perfectly secure. Users can also enjoy a rich digital experience with the help of Microsoft PowerApps as they help you create custom forms. This allows you to create/view your content in a way that works for you. The most important feature of any organization to have a thriving, digitally enhanced workplace is to find the right people for the right roles. The search feature in SharePoint is intelligent and quick, allowing you to build high-performance teams at a faster pace.

Microsoft SharePoint as a centralized platform

2. SharePoint Platforms and Business Enhancements

To have a successful digital transformation story for any organization, it is empirical to find solutions that are uniquely designed to improve and enhance the whole digitization experience. SharePoint is one such technology that allows you to enhance your business in many ways that are best suited for your organization. When talking about enhancements, the SharePoint Framework comes into light as it has been transforming continuously over the years to provide a better, more sophisticated user experience. Tens of thousands of SharePoint users worldwide are now enjoying advanced versions of teams and communication sites using the SharePoint Framework.

The number of SharePoint extensions that are being used to develop various applications belonging to various fields is increasing exponentially every 6 months and this is just the beginning. The framework’s capabilities are being leveraged by various departments of organizations and are successfully using it to display their work.

With the introduction of the Microsoft 365 enterprise, the framework’s capabilities can be completely leveraged in a way that empowers developers to build applications with the M365 components. The framework is also integrated with Microsoft Teams, paving the way for easy document sharing.

Microsoft Framework is integrated with Microsoft Teams to promote collaboration


3. Mixed Reality

It’s no secret that mixed reality is quickly becoming a hot trend in the digital transformation journey. Microsoft introduced two new applications, focusing on mixed reality- Microsoft Remote Assist and Microsoft Layout.

Along with them, the SharePoint mixed reality application, SharePoint Spaces was also introduced. It has been proved before that visualization of any scenario improves understanding and that in turn boosts collaboration. These applications are designed with the goal of taking workplace collaboration to the next level. Some areas in which mixed reality can advance collaboration are learning, product development, etc.,

Learning has always been a vital part of our lives. The continuous reinvention of ourselves and updating ourselves is what enables us to stay ahead of the game. With mixed reality, you can personalize content and dig deeper into the subject.

Mixed reality allows you to build a 3D model of a product. The beauty of having the ability to view the 3D model of any product is that every member of the team can view it in their own way, analyze it and improve it before any work starts on it.

Leveraging Mixed Reality to improve learning experience and boost productivity

4. AI

Microsoft is merging SharePoint with Artificial Intelligence to improve the content optimization experience of an organization. AI is one technology, which finds uses in almost every field and that is just scratching the surface. AI gains a perspective of your content first, and then it begins to build new and improved scenarios that enhance your productivity by helping you prioritize.

Its intelligent features can analyze your recent searches, identify the documents you’re working on and can give you recommendations or suggestions beforehand.

Microsoft Teams is joining the ever-growing list of applications that are leveraging AI to enhance collaboration. With AI, all your meetings can be smarter and more productive. The new features in this application allow you to take notes automatically, share your screen easily even if you’re logged in through your mobile device, etc.,

Microsoft Teams is leveraging AI to enhance productivity

5. Security

When it comes to data, all the organizations prioritize security over anything else. Microsoft introduced a whole new set of features that provides state of the art security to your data. The Azure Active Directory B2B is updated to enhance collaboration between organizations. Users of Microsoft 365 can now easily coordinate with people working in and outside the organization. without worrying about compromising their data as they can retain full control over their data and can share only that which is needed to be shared. Microsoft also provided similar upgrades to the B2C collaboration.

Another application that is developed for the sole purpose of proving ironclad security to your organization is the Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA). This application focuses on monitoring potential security threats, both inside and outside, and detects them.  It identifies malicious attacks and abnormal behaviors that may be a result of a cyber attack and warns you beforehand, making it the first line of defense against any threat.

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics is leveraging Artificial Intelligence to help improve the modernization process of an organization

So, we’ve shared how Microsoft 365 can enhance the digital transformation experience and the many ways through which you can leverage it to modernize your workplace.

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