Microsoft Sets Stage For IoT-Enabled CRM and Connected Field Service Tool by Upgrading Dynamics CRM

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With an agenda of making the “Customer engagement at the core of digital transformation” Microsoft announced that the Spring 2016 Wave of Microsoft Dynamics CRM has reached general availability with an addition of Connected Field Service, a new tool companies can soon use to leverage the potential of predictive maintenance via IoT devices. With the new field service and project service automation capabilities, organizations have the ability to schedule, manage and deliver onsite service, whether it be their field technician who is supporting multiple customers on a single day, or complex, multi-day projects.


“The Spring 2016 Wave of Microsoft Dynamics CRM introduces new and enhanced capabilities that help drive user adoption with embedded learning path, and drive service productivity for field and project service employees through deep processes for field service delivery and project service automation. Dynamics CRM can help companies transform service processes with embedded intelligence”.

explained Param Kahlon, general manager of program management for Dynamics CRM

The main objective with the current update is to:

  • Enable the service economy with field service and project service automation and new Connected Field Service
  • Engage external communities with portals
  • Empower employees with intelligent, adaptive processes

A new feature named Learning Path is available in this version and it offers guided navigation capabilities designed to help new application users get up to speed quickly. With personalized, context-sensitive and scenario-based tasks and sidebars, the tool walks users through the steps needed to complete a task.

Released in late November, Dynamics CRM 2016 is most notable for putting machine learning to work for customer service. An adaptive learning feature, for instance, determines how a product, campaign or brand is perceived on social media. An online event on June 7 will go into further details about the features available in the Spring 2016 Wave.


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