Microsoft power BI: Overcome the limitations on usage metrics.


Existing Power BI usage metrics provided by Microsoft has some limitations.

Microsoft Power BI, being widely used across business functions and industries to better understand and visualize the data, thus insights. 

These insights are helping decision-makers to make a data-driven decision. This Microsoft Power BI has some limitations on usage metrics, where technovert overcame them to give users wider exposure on the data and insights. 

This article explains what the existing Power BI usage metrics are, limitations and how technovert overcame them. 

Existing Power BI usage metrics provided by Microsoft: 

Microsoft provides below default usage metrics that help users to analyze: 

  • Number of times the content is viewed or shared 
  • The medium used to share (web or mobile) 
  • The type of users. 

We can have two different sets of usage metrics 

  1. Dashboard usage metrics 
  2. Report usage metric 

These usage metrics provide dashboard and report level metrics which helps to understand the number of users viewed or shared a report or dashboard. 

Limitations of usage metrics provided: 

  • These usage metrics are limited to a single dashboard/report level or a workspace level only 
  • The user can only view the report usage metrics. if the user wants to customize the report, the only option is to use the “Save as” format, wherein you cannot download the customized PBI report. 
  • A power bi pro license is required to view the usage metrics 
  • Usage metrics are retained for over a period of 90 days and changes to usage metrics dashboard/report may take 24 hours to reflect in usage metrics under views by user table visual. 
  • Users will not be able to see the usage metrics across the workspace 
  • Members with “view” access cannot see the usage metrics for Power BI reports and dashboards. 

We surpassed all of the above limitations: 

Our experts enabled the user to experience the below features in the Power BI environment. 

  • By using a dashboard, users can analyze the organizational operations performed on Power BI. 
  • Users can get to know the count of users with different types of licenses i.e. free, pro and premium. 
  • Count of
    • User’s Active vs Inactive
    • Operation by time period 
    • Distinct users by time period 
  • Usage analytics based on the user level, workspace level 
  • Top 10 users with most operations 
  • Operations on dashboard level, dataset level, and report level 
  • KPI’s with Number of dashboards, reports, datasets, and operations 
  • These metrics help in making a conclusion on choosing the required type of license based on activity which indirectly helps to save licensing costs by removing licenses for inactive users 
  • Users will be able to check the type of licenses provided to users by time period and filter the data based on year, month and day 

Operations at the organization level: 

The respective numbers indicated on the image are explained below: 

  1. It explains the count of users by License type and count of inactive users by License type  
  2. The last updated date of dashboard 
  3. This represents the top 10 User operations in power BI service by organizational level  
  4. Provides Distinct user’s and count of operations by Year  
  5. Provides the distinct logins and Pro operations by month  

Operations at user level: 

The description of numbers marked on the image: 

  1. Filter’s to sort the data based on user, year, month and day 
  2. Total Operations performed by the user in a month  
  3. List of operations performed by a user with count (number) 
  4. 5. 6. List of operations done by User on Reports, Datasets, and Dashboards  


About Technovert:

Technovert offers comprehensive business intelligence consulting services inclusive of PowerBI solutions, Data Visualization, Dashboard Design & Development along with DBA support services. Our extensive research, business domain expertise, and skillful analysis enables you to gain a competitive edge in the market by leveraging valuable and business-critical insights.

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