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On the net, we have many solutions available out there for importing data to SharePoint but there are design flaws and problems in user experience. Today, we have released the SPImporter V1.0 for importing the data into SharePoint. The current release gives the option to the user to import excel data to the SharePoint list. It currently supports XLS, XLSX and CSV file formats. And this is a WPF based solution and requires .NET Framework 4.0. This tool gives the below options:

  1. A single tool that can connect to SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online (Office 365).
  2. You can see all lists and select a list to import data from excel. If you don’t find a list in available SharePoint lists, then you have the option to create a list from the tool.
  3. You can select the Sheets available from Excel.
  4. You can map the columns from SharePoint List columns to Excel Sheet columns.
  5. The SharePoint Column metadata will show you the required fields, data types for ease of understanding and mapping.
  6. Select the option for how many records to import from the available records in excel.
  7. View the summary and do the import.
  8. You can see logs once the process is completed.

The tool is in BETA release and the final release will be available soon. But, you can download and start using it today. Please share your views to improve the tool experience and if you need any more additional features.

What’s next: The next release will support the web version of the same solution and the supporting many other formats including excel. Subscribe to the post for more updates.


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