Five reasons why data modernization is no longer a choice.

Data platform modernization

With a booming business, data management could be a challenging task to maintain and use efficiently. With traditional ways of collecting and managing data, it could take weeks or even more before anyone can get any insightsGenerally, for producing any report, huge data must be reviewed that is coming from various sources. This review process involves a detailed analysis of every bit of information before the final report is produced and there is possible negligence in terms of efficiency as well as accuracy.    

With data warehouse modernizationone can store all the data in one place for better discovery and management. Data warehousing is a network that distributes data across various systems in an efficient and clean operating process. It allows fast and easy access to huge data across the organization while being secure with the data and following the privacy regulations. Companies that have adopted data warehouse modernization are developing at a higher rate, thanks to the faster and efficient working system.  

Here are the top five reasons why businesses should modernize their data warehouse.   

Scale your architecture to handle petabytes of data  

Data warehouse modernization is a migration of data from legacy databases to modern and cloud databases. This migration not only allows agility but also provides the system a larger capacity to manage and store data from varied sources.   

Modernization will help the organization to store, manage and analyze more data at once, which would prove helpful for better reports and task management and thereby upgrade the entire working process of the company.  

Leverage business-critical, non-transactional data from varied sources  

Any company in the business has data from various sources. All this data must be organized into a single format before it is analyzed to generate reports. Sometimes, important data could take weeks to be analyzed which is one of the major issues with a traditional data storage system.  

With modernization and integration of data sources to one single data repository, any business-critical data can be collected from various sources in real-time. This data could be sorted into simpler formats at once with accuracy. This will not only reduce the time but also help in making real-time decisions with instant insights on what’s happening 

Reduce the time from ‘data to insight’  

 Traditionally, it would take up a lot of time to process a single set of data to generate insights. But with help of modernization, the time taken from data to insight can be reduced drastically. The systems can sort, analyze and generate a report in very little time. This means time saved could be spent on more economically important tasks.  

Modernization allows the system to generate reports in real-time, which means you no longer have to go through huge volumes of data and compare everything to make any decision.  

Enable AI and create a data science ready infrastructure  

Data science is an emerging field that will help enterprises to make better use of their data. Data science models require high-end data infrastructure to process the data and produce the required results. In this case, a traditional data warehouse stands with no use. 

By modernizing the data warehouse and enabling necessary technical capabilities that let data scientists deploy their workloads and derive the necessary outcome will win the competitive race.  

Collaborate with a cross-functional team with data.  

Data democratization helps users across the business unit or cross-functional teams to understand what’s happening across and align their priorities with a unified vision and goal resulting in a collaborative effort towards success. With all the security measures ensured by the administrator, all the data can be accessed by the users across the company enabling transparency and building trust. 

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