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Office 365 and Office 365 consulting services have outshined in the digital workplace sphere to become the top solutions to all your remote workplace woes. Are you contemplating upon opting for the Microsoft Office 365 services? Read on.

The Rise of a Professional Emergency: O365 to the Rescue

With millions of people resorting to Remote Work in a jiffy, Covid-19 brought about a sudden but technologically advanced change to the professional world as a whole. This in turn has aided in the formulation of flexible work from home policies that meets the basic requirements of the employees while keeping the organizational interests intact as well. This transition started as a forceful defense strategy against the coronavirus but has paved its way to the good books of many organizations now. The reduced capital charges such as office premise rent, zero charges for electricity and other essentials, etc. makes the option to go permanently remote a smart choice.


While Work from Home is quite effective to tackle the problems such as restricted commute and ensures much safety, it poses a multitude of adversities on the running of these IT firms as well, if not handled well. These effects range from simply missing out one on one interaction between the team members to missing out on important client meetings that might lead to irreversible losses if not handled properly. O365 and office 365 consulting services proved to be a great aid to the organizations during this profession crisis.

The COVID-19 Aftermath: Office 365 to Aid Permanent Remote culture

While going back to the office possesses the same excitement level, many would like to resort to permanent remote too. Adapting to this new work culture might be a bit unclear but surely has great potential.


The organizations can utilize this great opportunity to come up with highly effective plans by leveraging powerful business tools to help in normalizing this work culture. A permanent work from anywhere can literally bring in a great variety in the workforce with talents around the world.

Remote Workplace Resolve: Literally Work From Anywhere


Irrespective of an organization’s decision to remain entirely remote or optionally remote after the pandemic, here are some of the Office 365 services that can be leveraged upon to take up your digital transformation journey to absolute success.

Digital transformation using office 365
Digital transformation using office 365

Microsoft Office 365 Consulting Services

Microsoft Office 365 can prove to be a major aid to enhance your digital transformation journey experience.

Microsoft has designed Office 365 specifically to tackle all the business requirements in mind. It can be wisely leveraged to enable remote collaboration and communication to its best. Adapting to Microsoft Office 365 or choosing a reliable partner for Office 365 consulting services empowers you to leverage the best remote access facilities and boost collaboration in your organization.

With its advanced security features, you can securely engage your customers and empower your employees effortlessly within a single communication network.



Working in office since ages had kept the compulsion of moving from on-premise to cloud adjustably variable. But with the whole workforce scattered to different parts of the country and world as well, on-premise loses its importance as a whole. If you wish to keep your business moving, moving to online platforms such as O365 and SharePoint or upgrading to a better version has become inevitable. The organizations should handle such necessary conditions with precision.

Not only the Switch from on-prem to SharePoint online, SharePoint migration from an older SharePoint version to the latest one too can have a significant effect upon your business growth.

If we wish to keep up in this competitive environment, we need to keep upgrading our organizational assets. SharePoint evolves every once in a while and keeps on adding many new features in it with every release. Few features such as InfoPath forms are on the verge of extinction as well. Therefore, SharePoint migration is a necessity.

Since SharePoint Migration is a very complex and time taking process, it’s always an appropriate choice to tag up with a partner and opt for their migration services that take the hassle away from the process to give you a perfect migration experience.



The worst issue with Remote Work is the restricted interaction among the team members that might cause a lack of clarity and coordination. This in turn leads to lower productivity. Digital Workplace platforms such as a SharePoint intranet or Microsoft Teams are the best choices to suffice as the Virtual Interacting Platform for the employees. This knits them together even when functioning from far away.

A digital workplace provides state of the art solutions to digitally transform your organizational communication strategically. This boosts your employee engagement by acting as the engaging, interactive, and connecting link between the employees in an organization. A perfectly customized digital workplace that adheres to your organizational needs reflects the interests of the employees as well as the management by virtually creating an environment which can give a boost to the work culture.

Office 365 Intranet solution

An Office 365 intranet is a great solution to enhance collaboration, connectivity and document management. It lets you build an Intranet that perfectly fits your organization’s infrastructure and requirements.

It also offers personalization where each employee can maintain their personal dashboards that would be in accordance with their topics of interest and importance.

The mobility offered by the modern intranets helps them stand out by letting anyone literally work from anywhere on any device.

Extranet Solutions

While intranet is important for internal communication, maintaining an extranet is a must as well to be connected to the leads, vendors, partners and customers. A good connecting link among all the external stake holders ensures the continuity of your business just like the pre-pandemic days. It is therefore wise to set up a fast and secure external connectivity and resource-sharing portal with a sophisticated and user-friendly Extranet solution.

SharePoint Knowledge Management

While the SharePoint might hold an incredible volume of data, the permission to access them might be limited. Now, there comes multiple occasions when you need to share any information with a partner, colleague or client. SharePoint Knowledge Management is a great solution in such cases. It allows you to securely share your data with ease to amplify your business growth.

Product/Solution Catalog

Cataloging is the very first step if you are planning to sell anything, be it a product or a service. It acts as the first bait to your leads that either proceeds to a successful conversion or a failed deal. Therefore, Cataloging must be done with extra care and precision. It is a good practice to maintain a detailed description concerning all your products on a single, secure platform in the form of a Product Catalog. Always rely on a trusted service provider to design a centralized, user-friendly catalog to better manage your products.

Purpose-Built/Custom Portals

Every organization has different needs and the same goes true for each departmental unit of an organization as well. Bridging the communication gaps and facilitating resource sharing within the organization or a particular department of the organization with customized features can be a great digital resource to invest in. Get these advanced custom portals built that serves uniquely to your organization.



Business Process Automation (BPA) is one of the major elements of Digital Transformation that lets you simplify and technologically automate the redundant and complex business processes to bring in transparent and time-saving business solutions. Opting for it can eventually contribute to the increase in service quality and service delivery while maintaining minimalistic time and cost. Opt for the BPA services that are tailor-made to automate and accelerate your business processes by leveraging your existing investments on Office 365/SharePoint.

Power Platform Solutions

Power Platforms let you have a complete end to end solution to analyze data, bring in a solution and automate the processes to tackle challenges effectively. Microsoft Power Platforms consist of three major services:

  • PowerApps
  • Power BI
  • Power Automate

Opt for Power platform solutions to emerge as the industry leader with the help of Artificial Intelligence to leverage it.

Custom Apps for Dynamics 365

Custom Apps for Dynamics 365 strengthens and personalize your customer relationships and lets you have reliable insights by merging your data with tailor-made solutions for stunning outcomes. This helps you in resource management and ensures a great customer success rate. It also takes up your employee engagement a notch higher.

Data Integration and SAA

Data Integration and SAAS let you achieve data sharing supremacy and organize your data. It also lets you manage data-access effectively. This in turn boosts your productivity by enabling your employees to access it from anywhere at any time with Data Integration and SAAS offerings



Simplify your document management Document Control Management Solutions. This will ensure that you can manage your documents better, enhance their visibility, track processes, and let your employees share them across various platforms hassle-free.

Content Governance

Streamline your content and monitor its flow within your organization with the help of Content Governance services.

Project control and management

Manage all your products in a highly systematic and logical manner with Project Control Management services that help you thrive.


What Next?

Diving through these unpredictable business scenarios, the only way out is to modernize with the changing needs. Your business should continuously keep adapting to the upcoming digital transformation trends.

With the right kind of business investments, your organization can yield a great amount of profits from these new remote workplace trends.

We at Technovert are dedicated to offering the best Office 365 Consulting services to empower you through your digital transformation journey. Get in touch with us to know more.


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