Data Innovation Updates from Snowflake Summit 2022


Conferences usually have a great start, yet the excitement dies down with time. But Snowflake Summit 2022 turned out to be completely different. Possibly, the pent-up demand for a major event like this from the past two years contributed to the success of this year’s summit. The 2022 summit is all focused on The World of Data Collaboration – intensely covering how data can be used to develop new products and applications that can help businesses to grow.  

This summit is majorly revolving around data and how Data Cloud can enable organizations to advance their business objectives.

6 Data Innovations That Were Covered at Snowflake Summit 2022

Today, businesses understand the real value of data. They are inclined towards learning how data can be leveraged in the best way possible and that’s why Snowflake’s this year’s theme witnessed such a positive response from the first go. 

Christian Kleinerman, Senior Vice President at Snowflake, mentioned in his speech at the event, highlighting the true potential of data, “Our latest innovations extend the value of our customers’ data-driven ecosystems, enabling them with more access to data and new ways to develop with it directly in Snowflake.”

Below is the list of data innovations that you should be looking out for: 

  • Data Ingestion and Transformation 

Snowflake, a fully managed SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), now allows a new way to ingest data – Snowpipe streaming. With the refactoring of the Kafka connector, the company is now able to make data query-able once it lands on the platform. This resulted in a decline of latency by 10x. 

Besides that, Snowflake also came up with materialized tables serving as the mid-point across streams, tasks, and materialized views, enhancing the flexibility factor. 

  • Apache Iceberg 

Regarding Native Apache Iceberg tables, a highly known open table format used for huge analytic tables, Snowflake has announced Iceberg Tables to enable users to work with Apache Iceberg. This Snowflake external table support has the ability to manage, classify, and tag on-prem data with simplicity. Different engines, such as Apache Spark, Flink, Hive, Presto, and Trino can work on the same tables simultaneously. 

  • Python in Snowpark

For data application development, the company integrated Python to build applications, specifically, machine learning applications with ease. This move made Snowflake’s popular developer framework a Python-rich ecosystem with accessibility to open-source packages and libraries. Using Snowpark, professionals can build scalable pipelines, applications, and workflows. 

  • Native Streamlit Integration 

Streamlit, a newly launched Snowflake framework for simplifying and accelerating data applications development, can also build visualizations on data science models for different teams to utilize in the way they want. Streamlit team demonstrated at the summit how to create a basic application in the simplest way possible with appealing visualizations.

  • Snowflake Unistore and Hybrid Tables 

The company launched Unistore, a solution that extends the capabilities of the platform and allows organizations to store all traditional and analytical data across multiple siloed systems under one.  

Typically, enterprises keep their analytical and transactional data in different repositories. This practice although fetches desired results, it increases governance complexity and unnecessary time consumption. Unistore addresses these challenges by keeping all such data in one location.  

Data workloads can be handled by hybrid tables. Organizations use them to deliver single-row operations and develop business applications with ease. They can also be merged with other transactional data to offer a holistic view.

  • Native Application Framework 

Snowflake enabled enterprises with the Native Application Framework that allows them to develop, distribute and deploy applications natively in the Data Cloud. It comes with various functionalities, including telemetry features, third-party integrations, user-defined functions, and interactive customer interfaces.  

As data gains more power over business decisions, the world needed more such data innovations. All these announcements and changes ensure a high-quality ecosystem where businesses can rapidly and securely grow. The advancements covered in Snowflake Summit 2022 promise to achieve the same with the power of corporate data.

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