How business intelligence is helping telecommunication industry


Being one of the crucial contributors to global growth, the telecommunications industry has a large amount of data, thus the high scope of leveraging Business Intelligence. Using business intelligence solutions in telecommunication, one can develop quick performing and predefined dashboards that help to make business decisions faster. 

With ever-increasing technological solutions that depend on telecom for their functioning, the necessity of making processes easier and efficient with the help of data will be a crucial step for industrial growth. 

Below are the few cases on Business Intelligence in telecommunication:

Better Visibility into network issues and location data: 

Millions of subscribers use the services and stream high-quality videos at peak and non-peak hours. Getting an accurate historical scope of network issues and the details about the service interruptions help telecom providers look at those issues and strengthen particular locales. 

With an anticipated rollout of 5G in some countries, increases importance on telecom providers to see their networks in the clearest light. 

Business intelligence consulting firms like technovert can help telecoms in realizing their entire data turning out into a simple and comprehensive dashboard helping leadership to make decisions faster and better.

Personalized customer care and plans: 

Uninterrupted and quality services are what most of the customers expect and failing which leads to customer dissatisfaction.

No matter how technology evolves, customer complaints keep complaining, which is why issues need to be resolved ahead of time to reduce customer wait times and unsatisfactory support. 

Technovert enables telecom providers to use their wealth of data to inform their decisions.

With a customized business intelligence solution place, you can streamline your operations, check on the customer support departments functioning stats, and monitor on a real-time basis, fixing any problem immediately. 

With data visualization and power bi, extensive data is presented so cleanly, customer trends will become easier to grasp, such as comparing service outages on a particular day by customer segment or devices.  

On a more granular level, customer care reps can up their service by searching for the most common customer complaints and address them in a quicker way.  

Better Understanding of Subscriber Base 

Having a most robust subscriber base is great, but without a platform to better understand customers, opportunities for cross/upselling and more personalized customer service are lost could be a major backdrop in business growth. 

Telecom business intelligence solutions can help to watch anything from granular subscription-by-subscription insights to long-term trends by country or subscriber growth rates by zip code while pointing out data anomalies. 

IoT Data Monetization 

IoT continues to grow and accelerate. It is estimated that 30 billion objects will comprise the IoT by the end of 2020.  

As other opportunities emerge, like connected vehicle fleets, workforce training, OTT and media dealing around mobile streaming, there’ll be more IoT subscriptions for providers to manage and more data to collect.  

For telecom companies to make most of IoT subscriptions, the vast amounts of data they collect must be accessible, timely, and easy to digest. 

With appealing data visualizations, telecom companies can derive insights from seeing the hidden dark data which contributes to business growth. 

About Technovert:

Technovert offers comprehensive business intelligence consulting services inclusive of Power BI solutions, Data Visualization, Dashboard Design & Development along with DBA support services.

By leveraging valuable and business-critical insights with the help of BI, you gain a competitive edge in the market.

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