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Insurance claims and underwriting processes can get quite hectic. The use of legacy systems to govern enterprise data is still prevalent, indicating the need for robust digital solutions to reduce the dependence on human intervention. Not only can insurers save time and resources by using intuitive applications, but also gain an advantage over the rest in the industry.

To gain a competitive edge, digital transformation initiatives are driven by harnessing the power of data using AI and cloud environments.

How do top insurers ensure that their back-end malfunctions do not translate into front-line inefficiencies? To answer this question, this post highlights the importance of Agent and Customer Portals in Insurance.

By building cross-functional digital experience platforms to consolidate various data sources and stakeholders on a unified platform for enterprise asset governance, insurers can stay agile and responsive to changing financial markets.

This post is for you if you are hell-bent on customer experience and see the value of interconnected organizational workflows contributing to success of the insurance practice.

What is an Agent and Customer Portal in Insurance?

An Agent and Customer Portal ensures service availabilities for Agents to perform business-centric tasks using real-time customer data and interactive workflows that complement the intricacies of the insurance practice.

Using cross-functional apps, your workforce unlocks new possibilities to expand their horizons and make you the enterprise of the future. With advanced data governance tools, and secure means of transactions, agent work becomes more rewarding than legacy business models that drain productivity and morale.

Agent to Customer Portals Benefits

Insurers can thus optimize their business models by steering a fulfilling user experience towards creating functionally rich applications. The direct benefits of InsurTech innovation are imminent, and undoubtedly visible in the customer’s journey. Customers begin to realize that your omnichannel engagement model is what they’ve always wanted because you are present exactly where they are.

Agent and Customer Portals in Insurance build loyalty through clever user interfaces that help customers navigate your core services with ease. Ensuring that at every step of the way, your agents are aware and ready to offer a helping hand is key to agile digitalisation. For enterprise transformation – the user experience is not just for customers to indulge, but for employees to derive purpose and ownership in their involvement with your business.

Benefits of Agent and Customer Portals in Insurance

While the benefits of holistic enterprise transformation are many, a company’s road to digital agility is driven by value obtained from process changes. For effective change management during new technology implementation, insurers are asked to refactor existing data architectures to create sustainable workflows that incorporate the cognitive capabilities of AI across distributed environments and channels. This offers a flexible and lucrative opportunity to grab the market by your unique value proposition.

An Agent and Customer Portal thus incorporates advanced AI capabilities for insurance professionals to define and succeed in their business goals using customer data, automated workflows, and real-time governance.

To strategize your InsurTech innovation efforts, achieving digital agility using Agent and Customer Portals in Insurance depends on the following factors of influence.

  • To Serve the digital customer
  • To Equip your workforce for success
  • To Deliver uninterrupted omnichannel engagement
  • To Remain competitive in the industry
  • To Refactor legacy systems for efficient output
  • To Empower employees with better perks

If customer comes first, employees will place organization at the centre, activating a productive work environment that is every leader’s dream. By giving your enterprise systems a computing edge over predecessors, Unified Agent and Customer Portals bring increased transparency, fiscal growth, and flexibility to your insurance processes, addressing the need for data-driven mechanisms to predict and meet demand.

The key benefits of Omnichannel Agent and Customer Portals are as follows:

  • Provides updated information about products and services for agents to perform their work
  • Generates and optimizes insurance processes for enhanced enterprise activity
  • Let’s agents determine the efficacy of process changes through continuous feedback
  • Allows insurers to effectively manage enterprise systems, workforce, and policy
  • Enables managers to monitor employee productivity with data-driven insights
  • Brings customers, agents, and insurance processes to a shared platform
  • Enables third-party applications to be integrated easily
  • Motivates and energizes agent and customer interactions via UX optimization
  • Ensures proactive strategies are in place to govern data quality and utility

The insurance industry is no longer a tiresome game of cold calls and pitch decks, but a concerted effort to improve service offerings that meet the expectations of digital customers and partners in the industry. The more responsive your insurance processes are, the more successful is your organization.

Why Deploy Omnichannel Systems for Self-Service to Customers?

Thankfully, innovation in IT has no limits, and insurance companies are quick to notice. As a result of digital disruption in Insurance, McKinsey forecasts that InsurTech will succeed in revenue of more than USD 150 billion during the period 2025 – 2030. For any insurer, this is the right time to strategize and optimize digital assets for the future.

From the initial contact a customer makes to your company, all they can expect should already be made available to them. Self-service portals are big win for insurers and their customers, because it provides customers autonomy over their investment and creates room for better understandings. The customer shouldn’t have to raise multiple tickets to know the revised annual charges for an insurance policy they secured just a year ago. As service provider, you must keep your customers well-informed and prepared to invest in you. Better yet, they must be able to join in on your company without having to think or do too much!

An agent and customer portal for insurance facilitates exactly what the insurer, agents and customers need! And, productive input is only possible with automation tools that streamline business functions for sustainable organizational output.

5 Insurance Automation areas

The key to selling your premium policy is to give your customers lucrative options to explore and interactive means by which they learn more about your company’s key differentiator. In almost all cases, Insurance modernization is driven by seamless user experiences, interconnected enterprise workflows and transparent customer engagement policies.

By phasing out of legacy data architectures, insurers can utilize cutting-edge AI and cloud capabilities to streamline functions and generate a higher revenue by terminating risks related to factors like market inflation and supply chain backlogs.

An Agent and Customer portal to manage the insurance processes benefits from an integrated omnichannel user strategy, exposing business leaders to changing financial markets with quality data, thereby catering to immediate customer demands on time. An omnichannel strategy refers to a unified platform to manage service availability and monitor user engagement patterns – empowering users with autonomy and contentment, while their confidential data becomes means by which insurance practice thrives. Hence, security is the main objective of Agent and Customer Portals in Insurance practice.

Consolidating consumer sentiment with the workforce at your disposal, intuitive Agent and Customer Portals are the future of insurance and your reason to capitalize on innovation hasn’t been any clearer than present day industry-wide digital acceleration.

What Does Your Ideal Customer Really Want?

Customers are increasingly influenced by the ease of access to a business’s services because technology-driven experiences foster interactivity and credibility towards a company’s mission. When every customer interaction is driven by the purpose to improve the quality of life, the urgency for user-friendly applications and interconnected processes is inevitable. Customers want to trust you with their investment, and your operational outcomes are driven by their experiences interacting with your company.

Understand Customer Needs

If you show customers your product’s value in the first few seconds they spend with you, that’s the deal of a lifetime right there. This is especially true for insurance service providers looking to leverage the capabilities of AI and Cloud to predict trends, mitigate risks, create new products, and enhance their user experiences.

Over time, the buzzword that has become synonymous with customer experience, omnichannel agent and customer portals are what insurer’s are looking towards in 2022.

Leverage Data for Digital Agility

To enable intuitive workflows via automation, data must be used optimally, segmented, and sorted for business-centric functions. Secure management of the customer’s account and related data is a top priority, and Insurance industry is heavily reliant on automation tools to manage sensitive records securely. By positioning your people and processes for agile transformation, insurance leaders can rise above the many tailbacks of legacy business models. Insurance leaders thus leverage AI and cloud capabilities of Agent and Customer Portals to showcase their strength as a futuristic, trusted and people-centric corporation.

For more about building an omnichannel strategy for your InsurTech transformation goals, read the white paper – Capture Your Customers Wants With Omnichannel Experiences.

Turn to Agent and Customer Portals in Insurance – a unified system to manage all customer and agent activities, interacting across secure environments and governing sensitive assets integral to the insurance practice.


Business longevity is met when IT facilitates system changes required to compete and thrive as a leader in industry. I write about digital assets and how businesses can leverage capabilities of AI, cloud and edge computing for strategic transformation.

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